Pupil Support Structure

We have a horizontal pupil support structure at Chryston.  That means each PT Pupil  Support (PTPS) is for a year group and they will link in to a member of senior management.  If a PTPS is in charge of S1 this year, they will be in charge of S2 the following year and so forth. This ensures continuity for the pupil and their family.  Senior management links are fixed each year.

PTPS  2020/21                            Year Responsibility              SMT Link

  • Mrs K Perriss                                        S1                              Mrs A. Mullen
  • Mrs McTavish                                       S2                              Mr G Kane
  • Mrs McNeill / Mr McAlpine                S3                              Mr A Cooper
  • Mrs J Carragher                                   S4                              Mr A Jopling
  • Mrs L Harvey                                        S5                              Mr J Mitchell
  • Mrs N Henderson                               S6                               Mr G Kane