At Chryston High School we are aware that some students will be faced with barriers to learning during their school career.   The Learning Centre is able to provide pupils with support for short and longer term periods, depending on their needs. Priority is given to developing Literacy and Numeracy across the curriculum, in conjunction with classroom teachers, and to nurturing confidence in our young people.

At all stages, we encourage the pupils’ sense of responsibility, supporting pupil involvement in setting their own targets for learning and self-evaluation.


Home Learning

There are a number of educational websites which can be accessed at home to support and further develop learning.


BBC Bitesize

A range of study resources and materials to be used online.  Select subject and stage

Top Marks

Educational online games.  Select age group and activity based on subject and stage


Range of activities and lessons which can be printed or used online TWINKL are offering a month free use of their Premium service due to the current health situation.   Use code CVDTWINKLHELPS


Classroom Secrets

Maths and literacy resources up to KS2 (1st year equivalent)



Engaging maths games set at individual student level.                                Free access during school closures


Education Quizzes

Range of quizzes across curricular areas and levels (based on English system so look for equivalent age)