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Apart from the obvious personal benefit of being able to communicate with people from other countries worldwide, there are many social and educational benefits which bring a sense of satisfaction of belonging to a wider world. There are also a number of vocational advantages.

Much of the UK’s trade is within the European Union, and industry and commerce agree they need a strong capability in foreign languages to sell British goods in Europe. This has become much more important after the UK’s decision to leave the EU.  Languages are not just for interpreters/translators.

Universities and colleges now offer courses where the study of a language is combined with science, technology, law, business etc. For some courses, pupils may be surprised to find that a language qualification is a condition for entry. Ability in a foreign language can be a valuable asset in many career areas. Multilingualism is an indicator of general mental agility and an internationalist outlook, qualities which are much sought by employers in this age of globalisation.







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