Higher History


Pupils will study:

  • Migration and Empire
  • British Democracy 1850-1951
  • USA 1918-1968

The Higher History Course allows learners to develop their knowledge and understanding of the past through the study of Scottish, British, European and world contexts in a variety of time periods. Options cover topics from the medieval, early modern and later modern periods, and include elements of political, social, economic and cultural history

How will I be assessed?

All pupils will be assessed throughout the course in a variety of ways. Pupils will self-assess, peer assess and be subjected to ongoing assessment in the department as well as more traditional methods of ascertaining pupil progress. Progress will be closely monitored to ensure all pupils are supported in helping them achieve their very best grades.

SQA Assessments:

  • Component 1: question paper 1 — British, European and world history 44 marks 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Component 2: question paper 2 — Scottish history 36 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Component 3: assignment 30 1 hour and 30 minutes this will be completed in class under exam conditions