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About the Department:

Ethos and Climate

The English Department in Chryston High School fosters an environment focused on excellence and attainment for all. We are committed to providing stimulating courses and delivering high quality teaching and learning that will support and challenge all pupils in the development of four core skills; reading, writing, talking and listening.

Teaching and Learning

We provide a number of learning pathways in order that all pupils are supported and guided through the courses that will best meet their needs. We facilitate a wide variety of learning experiences all aimed at developing and honing skills that will be used not only in their English classes but that are also transferable across the curriculum.


The department places great import on high quality feedback, knowing that this is the crux of improvement and that great, detailed feedback leads to great detailed work. This feedback is provided throughout the year and is linked to the experiences and outcomes outlined in the Curriculum for Excellence. Pupils will receive both written and verbal feedback as well as in-depth learning conversations.

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All pupils and teaching staff within the English Department critically engage with self and peer evaluation. In practice, this ensures that through pupil evaluations of their own progress coupled with pupil and teacher evaluations of teaching and learning, we can consistently improve learners’ experiences and performance.

Pupil Voice

As we value feedback and self-evaluation so highly, our ‘You said, We did’ boards in the department are prominently displayed and evidence that our pupils are heard and that feedback obtained through conversation, evaluations and focus groups is acted upon.


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