In support of North Lanarkshire Council’s ambition to continue improvement in parental communications and its broader Digital NL plans we have been working with national organisations to develop a “Parents Portal”.

The portal has been and will continue to be developed to provide parents with a clear insight to their child’s education and to support transactional communications between parents and the school, this includes attendance, reports and school information.

The development was piloted last session in a small number of schools, when it was within its first phase. Since then more features have been added and North Lanarkshire has moved forward its own digital communication. Our school has been chosen to participate in the next pilot prior to introduction of the portal to all North Lanarkshire schools this session.  This will start on October 1st 2019.

This first phase will introduce basic information about the school and include services such as online school payments, attendance, placing request forms, the annual data check and general school information.

Further details will follow as these services become available and the best way to make them available to you is for you to sign up to the portal.

Instructions for this can be followed in video available via this link or the letter shown below it:

Parent Portal Sept 2019

This portal will become one of the main communications between schools and parents across North Lanarkshire Council and we encourage you to sign up to this service. It is a one stop shop to many of our current and future communications.