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  • There are no restrictions on the resources you can use when writing folio pieces.
  • All resources used for persuasive writing must be acknowledged in footnotes or bibliography: details must be specific.

Reasonable assistance

  • Candidates should take the lead in planning, managing and completing the folio.
  • Teachers can support candidates in planning folio pieces.
  • It is acceptable for your teacher to support you in the following ways:
  • An initial discussion with candidate on selection of topic, leading to an outline plan.
  • Written or oral feedback before final draft submission.


  • It is not acceptable for your teacher to support you in the following ways:
  • Specific advice on how to rephrase wording.
  • Key ideas, or a specific structure or plan.
  • Corrections of errors in spelling and punctuation.


In preparation for writing your personal essay, you will:

  • Discuss topic selection with your teacher.
  • Submit a bullseye plan and introduction to your teacher – feedback will be provided.
  • Submit an extract from your personal essay to your teacher – oral feedback will be provided.
  • Plan your first draft thoroughly – this must be your best effort.



The first draft of the personal essay will be completed under controlled conditions: pupils will be given 4 periods to complete this and any relevant resources can be used.