National 4/5 History


What will I learn?

You will cover three topics

Scottish Topic: The Era of the Great War 1900 – 1928

The British Topic: Changing Britain 1760 – 1910

European Topic: Hitler and Nazi Germany 1918 – 1939

In the National 5 History course, candidates develop their understanding of the world by learning about other people and their values, in different times, places and circumstances. The course helps candidates to develop a map of the past and an appreciation and understanding of the forces which have shaped the world today.

Discipline-based knowledge and understanding of historical events helps candidates to function as effective contributors to society. They develop important attitudes such as: confidence; an open mind and respect for the values, beliefs and cultures of others; openness to new thinking and ideas; and a sense of responsibility and global citizenship.

The course emphasises the development and application of skills. Evaluation of a wide range of sources develops thinking skills. Using and synthesising information develops skills in literacy. Investigative and critical-thinking activities allow candidates to gain experience in contributing to group work and also working on their own.

How will I be assessed?

  • National 5 – 2 hour 20 minute SQA end of year exam (80 marks) and an assignment (20 marks).
  • National 4 – there is no exam but pupils will write an added value unit (AVU).

Why will this subject be useful to me?

The N4 and N5 qualification tells employers that you have a wide variety of important skills necessary in any workplace. These include evaluating skills, critical thinking skills, interpreting evidence and understanding factors and reasons for change.

At Higher level N6 History has long been respected by universities. Higher History allows students to access Business, Law, Civil Service, Libraries and museums, archaeology, journalism, Sociology, Administration, Law and politics.

Career Possibilities for History Students.

A History qualification can help students who are looking for work in: –

Architecture Broadcasting Journalism

Civil service Law Local government

Theatre Museum or archive work Conservation

Heritage industry as park rangers Archaeology

Management of heritage centres

How will I progress?

Pupils can progress to the Higher History qualification and/or to other humanities subjects using the skills gained at National level History.