National 4/5 Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies

What will I learn?

  • Through the study of Islam, you will learn about important beliefs and practices and consider how they impact on Muslims and wider society. You will be encouraged to think critically about commonly held perceptions about Muslims and investigate those with rigour and reflection.
  • Through the study of our moral issue, Religion and Conflict, you will be invited to reflect on the morality of war and to consider whether the end ever justify the means. You will explore different viewpoints – both religious and non-religious – and be able make a judgement on who makes the most convincing argument.
  • Through the study of our philosophical question, The Problem of Evil and Suffering, you will be encouraged to consider the nature of God and question whether a seemingly all-loving and all-powerful God would allow so many evil things to happen in the world.
  • You will take part in debates and discussions and you will learn through a combination of individual, group and whole class activities.

How will I be assessed?

  • Formative assessment – self and peer assessment, teacher observation of your contributions to tasks and discussion, teacher and peer assessment of group presentations.
  • Summative assessment – class tests at relevant times and when you communicate that you are ready to be assessed on your skills and knowledge.

Why will this subject be useful to me?

  • Critical thinking – RMPS is perfectly positioned to develop critical thinking skills as you are constantly being asked to reflect, investigate, explore and challenge.
  • Literacy – RMPS is a literacy based subject, where skills in literacy are embedded and developed through the work we do.
  • Core values of Curriculum for Excellence – RMPS perfectly encompasses the values and capacities of CfE. Through reflection and exploration of beliefs and values, we are working together to develop each of our potential to be responsible and effective contributors to society.
  • Revered Higher which is listed by both Glasgow and Strathclyde University as a Higher useful for high tariff degrees like Law.
  • An excellent qualification for careers in journalism, teaching, civil service, solicitor, social work and charity work.