Art sketchbook – words in Polish only

Art AN Eng-Polish

Art and Design 1 Eng-Polish

Art and Design 2 Eng-Polish

Art and Design summary-Polish

Art Keywords Eng-Polish

Art Reading a painting 1 English

Art Reading a painting 1 Polish

Art Reading a painting 2 English

Art Reading a painting 2 Polish

Arty words English

Arty words Polish

Design words English

Design words Polish


Biology S3 Animal survival Eng-Polish

Biology Cells Eng-Polish

Biology Eng-Polish

Biology Int 2 Unit 1 Living Cells Glossary Eng-Polish

Biology Investigating Cells Polish

Micro Biology, Technology and you. Eng-Polish translation (Feb2015)


How we celebrate Easter in Poland


Introducing Chemistry SG Unit 1 Eng-Polish


Design and Technology English Polish Glossary


Drama AN Eng-Polish

DRAMA Keywords Eng-Polish




Early Years Maths-POLISH

Early Years Maths-ENGLISH

Jack and the Beanstalk



Three Billy Goats Gruff




Adjectives to describe characters in Polish and English By Ewa Wright


Connectives English – Polish

Describing Santa

English common classroom phrases – Polish

English Key terms

English Shakespeare’s London

English Standard Grade Essay Titles in Polish (AMitchell)

English-Polish Glossary


Literacy words Polish3

Oliver Twist Fagin’s Characteristics

Oliver Twist Vocabulary

Pandora’s Box – order sentences

Persuasive Writing

Polish Introductions

Polish-English questions to develop critical thinking skills, based on early years stories

Poetic Terms – Polish

Punctuation Marks

Romeo and Juliet in Polish

‘Of Mice & Men’ Polish translation, full text not simplified.

Standard Grade Close Reading

‘Of Mice and Men’ Myszy I Ludzie – full text, not simplified in Polish only

‘Stone Cold’ characters description Polish translation. By Ewa Wright

Vocabulary Basic Polish nec for survival

Writing a Critical Essay powerpoint translation in Polish

Writing a Critical Essay SG

Writing a Critical Essay translation in Polish

English-Polish-Hounslow – Multilingual words for classroom topics in Polish and English

EXAMS – giving help with

Command words used in exam questions


Geography English-Polish Glossary

Geography Key terms

Geography Keywords Std Grade Eng-Polish

Geography S1 Extreme weather – 1

Geography S1 mapping and locating

Geography S1 weather – 1

Geography S1 weather and climate

Geography Std Grade Eng-Polish Dictionary-Glossary

Geography Weather and Climate English Polish

Geography-Enivironment English Polish

Geography-Globalisation sheet 1 English Polish

Geography-Globalisation sheet 2 English Polish

Geography-Limestone landscapes English Polish

Geography-Volcanoes English Polish

Geography-Weathering and Erosion English-Polish

Geography glossary/dictionary SQA approved SG English-Polish


Health & Safety Rules Poster (in Polish)

Health & Safety Rules Poster (in English)

General Safety Rules – in Polish

General Safety Rules – in English


History – Clever starters Polish

History English-Polish Glossary AN

History S1 Viking Chronicles

History Britain in 19th C SGrade Part 1

History Britain in 19th C SGrade Part 2

History Britain in 19th C SGrade Part 3

History Britain in 19th C S Grade Part 4  Agriculture

History Living conditions in the 19th C SGrade

History S1 Iron Age settlements

History S1 Viking Invasions

History S1 Viking raids etc

History S1 Vikings

History S2 Voyages of discovery

History S3 Grade Coal Mining

History S3 Housing conditions

History S3 S Grade Shipbuilding

History Std Grade The Great Powers

History Wallace and Bruce Scottish Wars of independence

History Women at work Land Army etc

History Women at work munitions factories

History -Working with historical sources Polish


HE Foods 1 Breakfast wordbank Eng-Polish


Homework – explaining. Eng-Polish

Homework – explaning words. Eng-Polish

Homework – question words. Eng-Polish

Homework – using a dictionary. Eng-Polish


ICT English – Polish Glossary


Model lesson framework for EAL pupils (Nov14)


Additional Mathematical Language Eng-Pol

Maths foundation level keywords Polish-English

Maths Level C English

Maths Level C Polish

Maths Level D English

Maths Level D Polish I

Maths Level D Polish II

Maths Symbols English-Polish

Maths Translations Eng-Polish Level A

Maths Translations Eng-Polish Level B

Mathematics Word list Eng-Polish


Curriculum for Excellence – Assessment, reporting and qualifications – Polish

Curriculum for Excellence – Assessment, Reporting and Qualifications – English

Curriculum for Excellence – Education in Scotland – Polish

Curriculum for Excellence – Education in Scotland – English

Curriculum for Excellence – Parents as Partners – English and Polish

Fireworks Night

Living and Working in NE Scotland, Polish

Moray Council Notes for Parents & Carers 2020 Polish

Textiles English Polish Glossary[1]

Working with Bilingual Families leaflet 0-3 Polish Dec 15


Modern Studies Pressure Groups Polish-English word bank

Modern Studies S1 Politics and people Polish-English word bank

Modern Studies S1 Democracy Voting – Eng-Polish wordbank

Modern Studies S1 Word Bank English-Polish

Modern Studies S1 Democracy – Identity English-Polish wordbank 

Modern Studies S2 Crime in the USA Polish-Eng wordbank

Modern Studies S2 Govt & USA Polish-Eng wordbank

Modern Studies S2 Housing in USA Polish-Eng wordbank

Modern Studies S2 Human Rights, asylum seekers Polish-Eng wordbank

Modern Studies S2 People of the USA English-Polish wordbank

Modern Studies S2 US influence and inequality English-Polish wordbank

Modern Studies S2 USA – stereotypes English-Polish wordbank

Modern Studies S2 People of the USA – Why do people want to go to the USA


Pupil late to school-letter to parents Pol-Eng (Feb15)


PE English-Polish words

PE SG keywords Eng-Pol

PE SG Word Bank Eng-Pol Body in Action

PE SG Word Bank Eng-Pol Skills & Techniques

PE SG wordbank Eng-Pol – Activities

PE Wordbank – Definitions in English only

PE WordBank – Defintions  in Polish only

PE Word Bank Sports Eng-Pol


Physics Int 1 Electronics Glossary – Slides Eng-Polish

Physics Int 1 Movement Glossary – Slides Eng-Polish

Physics Int 1 Practical Elec Glossary – Slides Eng-Polish

Physics Int 1 Radiations Glossary – Slides Eng-Polish

Physics Int 1 Sound Glossary – Slides English-Polish

Physics Int 1 Telecom Glossary – Slides English- Polish

Physics Energy words English-Polish

Physics Transport Glossary English-Polish

Physics Keywords Unit 1 Telecommunications English-Polish

Physics Keywords Unit 2 Electricity English-Polish

Physics Keywords Unit 3 Health English-Polish


Making Moral Decisions S3 English-Polish


Scientific vocabulary Year 6 English-Polish

Science Reproduction Year 7 English-Polish

Science Vocabulary for Year 7- English Polish

Science Word List Year 8 English Polish

Science S1 Properties – uses of substances Polish word bank

Science S1 Heat Conduction Polish wordbank

Science S1 Uses of Substances 2 Polish wordbank

Science S1 Convection Currents – Polish wordbank

Science S1 Optics and Acoustics Eng-Polish wordbank

Science S1 Microbes English-Polish

Science S1 Acoustics -Sound wordbank Eng-Polish

Science S1 Light wordbank Eng-Polish

Science S1 Matter wordbank Eng-Polish

Science S1 Optics wordbank Eng-PolishScience

Science S1 Reproduction wordbank Eng-Polish

Science S1 Respiration wordbank Eng-Polish

Science S2 Heat wordbank Eng-Polish

Science Safety Code-Polish

Science SATs Vocabulary List English-Polish

Science Sound (the ear) English-Polish

Science Dictionary Eng-Polish

Science Food and Digestion English-Polish

Science Magnets and Electromagnets English Polish

Science Rock cycle English Polish

Science Wordl list Eng-Polish

Science Y7- English Polish

Science Word List Year 8 English Polish

Science Sound English Polish

Science Microbes 1 English Polish

Science Microbes 2 English Polish

Science Wordl list Eng-Polish


Seasons-Months-days Polish-English

Subject Signs – Polish-English (once open keep clicking on ok as it will open)

English-Polish – Colour, number, shape, days, months


My Bedroom Polish-English

My Favourite Place Pol-Eng

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