Covid-19 Health Information and Advice

Links for how to take a Covid-19 test

Read these top tips to keep your family safe and healthy:

Top Tips for Learners- English

Top Tips for Learners-Lithuanian

Communication Friendly Info on Mask Wearing
Link to site with infographics in many languages.

Covid-19 Infographics

Education and Parent’s Rights


Social story to help young children and children with additional needs to understand Covid19.

Find information translated into many different languages.
Covid-19 Translated Information


Route Map in English and Arabic, showing Scotland’s road to recovery from the pandemic.

Covid Recovery Route Map- English

Covid Recovery Route Map- Arabic

Arabic Information Signs  (with thanks to Aberdeenshire EAL service)

2 metres apart – ARABIC

Catch it, bin it, kill it – Arabic

cough and sneeze – Arabic

do not touch – Arabic

downstairs only – Arabic

hand sanitiser – Arabic

hand washing updated  – Arabic

keep left – Arabic

keep right – Arabic

no entry – Arabic

one way – Arabic

please place all rubbish……Arabic

please wait here….Arabic

throw it away – Arabic

upstairs only – Arabic

wait here – Arabic

wash hands – Arabic

wrong way – Arabic

wrong way go back – Arabic

Polish Information Signs (with thanks to Aberdeenshire EAL service)

cough and sneeze – Polish

do not touch – Polish

downstairs only – Polish

hand sanitiser – Polish

2 metres apart – Polish

catch it, bin it, kill it – Polish

keep right – Polish

no entry – Polish

one way – Polish

please place all rubbish……Polish

hand washing updated (003) – Polish

keep left – Polish

upstairs only – Polish

wait here – Polish

wash hands – Polish

wrong way – Polish

wrong way go back – Polish

please wait here….Polish

throw it away – Polish

Other useful links and resources:

Moray Council Covid Info

COVID-19 Resource pack – For Parents

Scottish Government Advice

Key Worker Childcare Application- Hub