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You can find our guidelines and forms at http://asn-aberdeenshire.org/english-as-an-additional-language/

Aberdeenshire is home to a number of families for whom English is not their first language.

Aberdeenshire’s English as an Additional Language Service (EAL) has a consultation, advisory, training and teaching role. The EAL Service office is based in New Deer School. The EAL Team consists of a Coordinator and peripatetic teaching staff. Most staff have undertaken specialist training in Bilingual Learning.


EAL Service Vision

To enable all multilingual children and young people in Aberdeenshire to access the curriculum and to make Aberdeenshire schools a place where multilingualism and diversity of language and culture are celebrated.

EAL Service Values

Our vision is based on the shared values of respect, integrity, equity and ambition.

EAL Service Aims

The English as an Additional Language Service has as its Aims:

– To build capacity in staff and pupils to successfully participate in exchanging experiences and to learn with and from each other.

– To enable all multilingual learners to realise their potential by ensuring staff in schools are supported in creating an inclusive multilingual environment.

– To further develop excellence as an EAL team with experience and professional knowledge and training that can support multilingual learners, their families, staff and other professionals who work with them.