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S2 Water Sports 2019 Parental Information Evening

Many thanks to all the S2 Parents/Carers who attended the Information Evening last night in the school. Hopefully most of your questions have been answered, however if you feel you have any more and can not wait until the next meeting on Wednesday 17 April, then please do not hesitate to contact the school on 0141 582 0180 and speak to either Mrs McMullan or Miss Campbell in the BECS Faculty.

As promised, please click on the image below to access the slides from the night. If you were unable to attend, then please direct your child to the BECS Faculty asap, to collect important documents which require your input.

Many thanks for your continued support….. 4 months to go.

S2 Information Evening and Mass

The S2 Parents’ Information evening on Thursday 11th February is on from 6-30-7.30pm.

The evening will focus on:

  • The S2 profile
  • Electives for S3: Choices in Expressive Arts, Technologies and Social Subjects
  • Preparation for the Senior Phase

Mass will start at 7.30pm.

Tea/coffee will be available at the end of the evening to give parents the opportunity to talk to Mr Downes, PT Pastoral Care and Mr Kerr (Year Head)


Information Evenings – S2/S3

We would like to invite all Parents and Carers of S2 and S3 to Information Evenings.

The S3 Parents’ Information Evening on Thursday 4th February from 6-30-7.30pm.

The evening will focus on:

  • The S3 profile
  • Subject choice for the Senior Phase

The S2 Parents’ Information evening on Thursday 11th February from 6-30-7.30pm.

The evening will focus on:

  • The S2 profile
  • Electives for S3: Choices in Expressive Arts, Technologies and Social Subjects
  • Preparation for the Senior Phase

Tea/coffee will be available at the end of the evening to give parents the opportunity to talk to Mr Downes, PT Pastoral Care and Mr Kerr (Year Head)

Change to January Parents Evening

The S3 Parents’ Evening has been rescheduled to Tuesday 26th January from 4-6pm. Appointment sheets were issued to pupils yesterday.

This then means the S2 Parents’ Evening will be rescheduled to Tuesday 8 March from 4-6pm.  Appointment sheets will be issued to pupils in during the last week in February.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Pastoral Care or Mr Kerr (Year Head) on 0141 582 0180.


UK Beaver Computational Thinking Challenge 2015

Well done to all our S2 BECS pupils and S3 to S6 Computing Science pupils who took part in the Beaver Challenge last week!

The Beaver Challenge is a competition aimed at raising awareness of Computer Science in a fun and rewarding wayBeaver Challenge. The competition involves solving problems using computational thinking skills.

Computational thinking involves using a set of problem-solving skills and techniques that software engineers use to write programs and apps. Examples of these techniques would include the ability to break down complex tasks into simpler components, algorithm design, pattern recognition, pattern generalisation and abstraction.

This year over 50,000 students in the UK and Europe took part in the competition – results should be available in approximately 10 days.


Welcome Letter from Head Teacher

August 2015

Dear Parent/Carer,

I would like to take this opportunity of welcoming your child back to school after the summer holidays. I would like to extend a particularly warm welcome to our new S1 pupils. I am confident that they will be happy, safe and flourish in their new environment.

At this early stage I would like to take this opportunity to pass some important information on to you.

The new shape to the school day in Lourdes Secondary

School begins at 8.50am and finishes at 3.15pm each day.

Pupil Support

We have made some significant changes to the delivery of Pastoral Care within the school this session. The House system no longer operates. Pastoral Care staff will support pupils from one year group. Each year group will have a Depute Headteacher(DHT), a Pastoral Care teacher and a number of My Time Tutors. The My Time Tutor will have daily contact with your child and will work with Pastoral Care and the DHTs to ensure that your child is well known, supported, safe and working to their full potential.

If you have any questions and/or concerns regarding your child’s welfare and progress please do not hesitate to contact your son/daughter’s Pastoral Care teacher.

The DHTs and Pastoral Care teachers are assigned as follows:

Yeargroup Depute Headteachers Pastoral Care Teacher
S1 Mrs Downie Mr MacKinnon
S2 Mr Kerr Mr Downes
S3 Mr Kerr Mrs Black
S4 Ms Cairney Ms Sellar and Ms McSween
S5 Mrs Devine Mrs Kennedy (Mon-Wed)/Mrs Hughes (Thurs- Fri)
S6 Mrs Downie Mrs Kennedy (Mon-Wed)/Mrs Hughes (Thurs- Fri)

Mrs Dolan, Principal Teacher of our Additional Learning Needs Provision, Mrs Taylor (Support for Learning teacher) and Mrs Barclay (English as an Additional language teacher) work very closely with many children in Lourdes Secondary and are also available to offer help and support to you if required.

School Uniform

I am delighted at the very high standard of uniform this session. I would like to ask that you ensure that your child continues to wear the full school uniform every day. Your support with the uniform is very much appreciated.

School Diary

Pupils have been issued with a school diary this week. The diary should enable your child to organise and plan their homework for all their subjects. The diaries will be checked on a regular basis by staff, particularly by the My Tutors, Pastoral Care and the Depute Headteachers. Your help and support ensuring that your child is completing homework on time and to the best of their ability will be greatly appreciated.

Data Check

All pupils have received a data check sheet with home contact information and details of any medical concerns etc.
I should be grateful if you would check the details and update as required. Please ensure the data sheets are returned to school as soon as possible.

Pupil Absence Procedures

If you child is absent from school, Parents/Carers should not automatically contact the school. Glasgow City have set up a Pupil Absence line for all schools and Parents across the city are encouraged to phone: 0141 287 0039.
Information from the Pupil Absence line will routinely be passed to us.

Important Dates for your diary this term:

Event/Activity Dates
Welcome Mass for all pupils & Parents/Carers Thursday 17th September
September Weekend Friday 25th and Monday 28th September
S1 Parents’ Evening Tuesday 6th October 4-6pm
October Holidays Monday 12th to Friday 16th October
Staff In-service Monday 19th October

I am looking forward to working with you and your children in the weeks and months ahead.

Yours faithfully

G McGuigan
Head Teacher

Residential booking to Lockerbie Manor

A provisional booking has been made to take S1 and S2 pupils to Lockerbie Manor on a multi-activity residential trip from Monday 22nd Feb 2016 – Friday 26th Feb 2016.

The week will comprise of a full programme of on-site activities such as climbing wall and abseil tower, obstacle course and zip wire. We would like to invite you to an information evening where Graeme Henry, School Journey Advisor of Manor Adventure, will be delivering detailed information of the experience your child can achieve at Lockerbie Manor.

We would be delighted if you could join us to find out more about this excellent opportunity for your child, where you can ask any questions you have regarding this experience. The information evening will take place on Monday 27th April at 630pm in Lourdes Secondary.

All S1 and S2 pupils will be issued with a letter with these details and a return slip to be completed and returned by Friday 1st May if interested in taking part in the residential.

The Pestaurant Challenge

The Home Economics department have secured an exciting experience for all of our S2 pupils to take part in on Thursday 27th November; we will be the first school in Scotland engaging in this experience. Rentokil Initial are bringing two workshops to Lourdes for pupils to take part in.

The 2 workshops available are:
• Pestaurant
• Hygiene Angels

There is a pin badge available for all who complete the Pestaurant challenge. The Rentokil Pestaurant is designed to educate pupils on edible insects and why this might be an important food source for the future. We look to demonstrate how ‘one person’s pest, could be another person’s protein’ in a fun and informative way. All of the insects that we have on offer for the students to try have been farmed specifically for human consumption.

They are imported already dry roasted / flavoured and packaged, from North America and Holland, as there are currently no insect farms in the UK producing insects for human consumption.
Pupils will be invited to look at the edible insects on our Pestaurant buffet and to try them if they wish.

Please Note: We do advise that people with a seafood allergy do not try the edible insects.