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Why not get involved in this year’s BBC School Report on the 21st March? We are looking for budding journalists, news reporters and an enthusiastic film crew aged between 11-16 to find original news stories to cover and report on. We are also hoping to recruit S5/6 pupils as mentors so if you are interested let us know!

Whether you see yourself in front of the camera reporting on events, interviewing a wide range of people, researching and writing interesting and informative articles or being involved behind the scenes (filming and editing) there is a job waiting for you!

Every Wednesday after school there will be a meeting in Room 217 (from 3-4) where a variety of master classes will be on offer (e.g. interview skills/camera techniques etc) to help prepare you for the big LIVE NEWS DAY!

On the 21st of March we will be uploading your written reports as well as your audio and visual media reports to the school website by 2pm for people of all ages all around the UK to see what you have created and produced.

If you are interested, please see Ms Grehan or Ms Ross for more details and a consent form!

Remember, don’t just do it – report it!!!