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Senior Awards Ceremony for S5/6


Senior School Awards Ceremony for S5/6
Come and celebrate success with our senior pupils on Thursday 10th December in the school Concert Hall at 7pm! The event is ticketed and we will notify parents and pupils of ticket allocations later this week.

Senior Awards Ceremony

Our Senior Awards Ceremony last night was a wonderful occasion of celebration and recognition of the achievements of our young people. Parents and pupils filled the hall and there was a lovely atmosphere of excitement and delight at the success of sons, daughters, students. Once again our musical talent performed to the highest standard, from soul band classics to moving extracts from Les Miserable. Our pupils and former pupils received their awards with a real sense of satisfaction at the level of their accomplishments and humility at being so recognised by their school. Presentations from pupils on experiences such as volunteering in Lourdes with the St. Margaret Scotland Youth Group, participating in the Transplant Games and developing confidence through involvement with Career Academy were both moving and inspirational.

As keynote speaker Father John had the opportunity to once again provide inspiration to parents and staff, as well as to the senior students in Lourdes. In addition it was a fitting occasion for him to say a final farewell to the community he has served so well and has loved so much these last eight years. Our invited guests indicated that they had really enjoyed the ceremony and were very impressed by our young people.

The success of the event was in no small way due to the meticulous and thoughtful levels of preparation and presentation.

Thanks to the many Principal Teachers / Faculty Heads and staff who came along to participate in such a wonderful celebration of the successes of our young people. It is very much appreciated by parents and pupils to see staff joining in this celebration

I would like to thank all the staff who worked so hard throughout the year to support young people in their learning so that they were able to achieve such high levels of success.

Mrs Lennon