BGE S1 to S3

S1 Business Education

At the beginning of S1, pupils undertake Induction training to enable them to understand the different roles in our business “Media City”. They consider the importance of Health & Safety and Security in the workplace. They will develop their digital literacy skills through File Management and Communication units.

Induction Booklet

Further developing their digital literacy skills, pupils will undertake a project on how to presenting information in a business-like manner.

Pupils investigate how human needs and wants are satisfied.

Through Cyber Resilience & Internet Safety pupils will explore what it means to be a “Digital Citizen” and how to keep both themselves and their equipment safe online.

S2 Business Education

Pupils consider the importance of Branding to a business and the impact being a wellknown brand can have on the business. They also develop their creative and digital skills through designing and creating logos for a selection of businesses.

Pupils develop budgeting skills through investigating how financial budgets are produced and used in business. Using these skills they will further develop their digital literacy skills through working with financial records on the computer using Spreadsheet applications.

Pupils will investigate what means to be an entrepreneur and develop an awareness of ethical issues around product development as well as an understanding of the impact of technologies on the environment and business.

S2 PowerPoint

S3 Administration & IT

In S3 pupils will work on developing their IT and digital literacy skills using Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Database and Desktop Publishing applications.

Pupils will also explore the role of Administration in a business as well as the importance of Health & Safety, Security and Customer Care to a business.