In the senior phase (N4 to Higher), the Computing Science courses consists of 4 units of study:

  • Computer Systems – pupil investigate Computer Structure, Data Representation, Security & Environmental issues that require to be considered when using a computer system.
  • Database Design & Development – pupils design and create relational databases (using multiple tables) and use SQL to manipulate the data contained in the database. Pupils will also consider the legal implications of holding personal data.
  • Software Design & Development – pupils analyse a problem then design, implement and test their solution using a variety of programming constructs. Pupils will also develop digital literacy skills in reading programming code and evaluating the effectiveness of their solution.
  • Web Design & Development – pupils consider the requirements of websites to meet the needs of users. They use this knowledge to design, plan and create interactive websites using a variety of languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Pupils are also required to test and evaluate their work against their initial plan to assess the effectiveness of their solution.