National 3 – 5

As well as covering a range of topics and contexts, learners develop their receptive skills of listening and reading (Understanding language) and their productive skills of talking and writing (Using language). The four language skills are developed and assessed in a variety of contexts covered, including Society (family relationships, hobbies, healthy living and technology), Learning (school, importance of learning a language) and Employability (jobs and future plans) and Culture (films, trips to other countries). The courses also include important aspects of grammar and tenses. Learner will build upon the knowledge and skills they have developed in the BGE.

French Higher & Advanced Higher

The Higher and Advanced Higher French courses offer learners opportunities to develop and extend a wide range of skills. In particular, learners develop the ability to read, listen, talk and write in a modern language, to understand and use a modern language, to develop the language skills of translation and to apply knowledge and understanding of French. The courses provide learners with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of detailed and complex language in the contexts of society, learning, employability, and culture.


Beginners’ Italian N3 & N4

Learners who are interested in learning a second language have the opportunity to gain a qualification in Italian at National 3 or National 4 level. They cover the contexts of society, learning, employability & culture and they develop their skills in listening, reading, talking and writing. Learners will build on the skills they have learned in French in the BGE and the Senior phase.