It is important that you learn to be punctual for work or appointments in later life, and this is the stage when you should form the very good habit of being on time.  You should be in school by 8.40am so that you can go to your class at 8.50am.  In the same way, you should be in school by 1.05pm at the latest so that you can make a prompt start to the afternoon session.

Parents/carers will be contacted if latecoming becomes a problem since not only is the pupil involved in losing out on part of her/his education, but coming in late to a class disrupts the work of everyone else in the class.  It is the kind of selfishness which should not be part of anyone concerned for other people, one of the attributes which those attending Lourdes Secondary should develop.

Parents/carers are encouraged to ensure their children arrive in good time for school.