Higher Physics

The Higher Physics course aims to develop pupils’ interest and enthusiasm for Physics by allowing them to understand and investigate the world in an engaging and enjoyable way.

Pupils will develop their knowledge and understanding of the importance of physics in the modern world by studying the applications of physics in everyday contexts using both experimental and investigative approaches and will be encouraged to apply critical thinking in new and unfamiliar contexts to solve problems.

Pupils will develop their ability to think analytically, creatively and independently. In Higher Physics, pupils will undertake three key areas of study:

Our Dynamic Universe

The topics covered are:

  • motion — equations and graphs
  • forces, energy and power
  • collisions, explosions, and impulse
  • gravitation
  • special relativity
  • the expanding Universe


The topics covered are:

  • monitoring and measuring AC
  • current, potential difference, power, resistance
  • electrical sources and internal resistance capacitors
  • semiconductors and p-n junctions

Particles and Waves

The topics covered are:

  • forces on charged particles
  • the Standard Model
  • nuclear reactions
  • irradiance and the inverse square law
  • wave-particle duality
  • interference
  • spectra