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Additional Spring Payment for Free School eligible families

The details of the next additional payment for eligible free school meal families have now been posted on our website at https://www.glasgow.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=17885

Families in receipt and still eligible for FSM do not need to do anything – the money will be automatically sent to their bank account from 25 March.

Any new family who think they meet the eligibility criteria will receive the additional payment if they apply before 1 April and if their application is accepted.

The full information is published on the free school meal page.

Support for S5 Pupils

Parents or Carers of new S5 pupils who wish to be involved in the planning of bereavement support for S5 are invited to join us on Thursday 18th June at 10am in the school concert hall.

Our purpose will be to identify how best to support our S5 group over the summer holidays and in the longer term.  If you would like to contribute please come along and share in the planning and discussion. We will be advised by volunteers from the Samaritans Step by Step team as well as workers from Action for Children and the Police. Our school counsellors will also be on hand to offer guidance.

Due to social distancing requirements could you please email gw10hughesann@glow.sch.uk if you would like to attend.

Supporting Young People Experiencing Loss or Bereavement

Please continue to keep our pupils and their families in your prayers. We have attached some guides to help support your child through this difficult time.

Parental Support

Teenagers understanding of loss

If any pupil requires support please contact your child’s Pastoral Care Teacher.

S2 – Mr Kerr LKerr@lourdes-sec.glasgow.sch.uk

S3 – Mrs Cassidy SHiggins@lourdes-sec.glasgow.sch.uk

S4 – Mr Blaney HBlaney@lourdes-sec.glasgow.sch.uk

S5 – Mrs Hughes ahughes@lourdes-sec.glasgow.sch.uk

S6 – Miss Fitzpatrick gw15fitzpatrickashle@glow.sch.uk

English Second Prelim Arrangements

Prior to any final decisions regarding level changes for pupils in S4/S5/S6, a second prelim has been arranged.  The prelim and the supported study sessions are for pupils who attained 45% or less in January’s exam.  (Supported Study for all pupils will be arranged in the lead up to the final exam in May)


National 5 Supported Study

Friday 12th Feb, G08 (Critical Essay)

Thursday 18th Feb, G02 (Scottish Text: MacCaig)

Thursday 18th Feb, G10 (Scottish Text: Duffy)

Friday 19th Feb G08 (Reading for U, A, E)


National 5 Prelim

N5 Critical Reading: Thursday 25th Feb, Periods 6 & 7

N5 Reading for U A E: Monday 29th Feb, Periods 1 & 2


Higher Supported Study

Thursday 18th Feb, G08 (Reading for U, A, E)

Wednesday 24th Feb, G06 (Scottish Text- Lochhead)

Thursday 25th Feb, G08 (Critical Essay)


Higher Prelim

Critical Reading: Friday 26th Feb, Periods 3 & 4

Reading for U A E: Friday 4th March, Periods 3 & 4

Anti-Bullying Week

The 17-20 November is National Anti-Bullying Week. Not just for Glasgow or Scotland but for the entire British Isles.

The Anti-Bullying week is not just for schools but for all work placements, organisations, clubs and groups.
Throughout your tutor classes this week you will look at and discuss the following:
• Everyone is entitled to respect.
• Bullying shows a complete lack of respect
• Bullying can take many forms: Cyber, Gesture, Physical, Verbal or Emotional, Extortion and Exclusion
• No-one should have to tolerate bullies
• Research shows that bullying can be a bigger problem in primaries that it is in secondary schools.
• Children who are being bullied should seek help from adults and, in particular, in schools, they should speak to their Pastoral Care teachers.

If you are a parent please have a look at this handout, click here.