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Lourdes Secondary School
47 Kirriemuir Avenue
G52 3DF

Telephone: 0141 582 0180
Fax: 0141 582 0181


S1 Parents – A Message from the Head Teacher – 25 August 2020

Dear Parent,

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of all the staff and pupils in the school to welcome you and your child to Lourdes Secondary. We are looking forward to working with you and your son/daughter in the weeks and months ahead.

I am delighted to report to you that the new pupils in S1 have made an excellent start in Lourdes Secondary. I have been impressed with the children’s general attitude, behaviour and the high standard of uniform. We have a significant number of pupils wearing the blazer in S1 and, with your support, I would like to see all S1 pupils wearing the blazer. We have a small stock of blazers in the school at a reasonable price should you wish to purchase one. Please contact the school office for further information.


We are completely committed to ensuring that your child is happy, safe and working to their full potential and your support and engagement in the life and ethos of the school will be very much appreciated.

There are a number of key members of staff who are responsible for guiding and supporting your child through their S1 experience:

Mr Kerr is the Depute Head teacher responsible for your child.
Miss Campbell is the (Acting) Principal Teacher of Pastoral Care for S1 who will provide guidance and coordinate personal support for the pupils.(Mr Downes is currently supporting our S6 pupils)
Ms Cox is the Principal Teacher of Support for Learning who works with all subject staff to ensure that the pupils are being supported appropriately in their learning.
Mrs Dolan is the Principal Teacher of the ALN Provision who coordinates support for a specific group of S1 pupils
Mrs McBride is the Principal Teacher of Nurture who provides support and nurture to a specific group of pupils throughout the school

Miss Campbell is your first point of contact for all matters. Contact details are:

If you have any questions or concerns relating to your child please do not hesitate to contact Miss Campbell who will liaise with the subject teachers and deal with any issues sensitively and promptly.

Break/Lunchtime arrangements 

We are currently operating a cash less payment system in the canteen see Letter issued 17 August 2020

For pupils who have not signed-up to the new on line payment system we would encourage them to continue to bring snacks and packed lunches into school.

Calendar of events and important dates

We are currently working on a calendar of dates for the issue of pupil tracking reports to parents. This information will be passed to parents in the next few weeks.

Best wishes to you and your families,


Gerry McGuigan

Pupil iPad Deployment – starting 7 September 2020

The Connected Learning iPad scheme will provide every pupil with an iPad and a range of e-learning tools and resources to assist and enhance their learning at Lourdes Secondary and at home.

All parties involved (pupils, parents/carers and the school) must agree with a range of terms and conditions before an iPad can be issued.

If we were in different circumstances our Parental Information Evenings would have gone ahead in April, however we have now reverted to recording the session for you, so you are fully aware of the expectations when receiving a school iPad.

Senior school pupils (S4-6) have already completed their Home School Agreement, therefore please watch the video and complete the online form for your child if they are in:


Senior School Catch up:

This must be completed by Friday 28th August, at 5pm.

IPads will be issued at Lourdes Secondary from Monday 7 September until Friday 18 September.  Your child will be informed of their session by their Pastoral Care teacher. Please ensure your child has an appropriate school bag to carry the iPad (as stipulated in the Home School Agreement).


Should you have any questions regarding this deployment, please do not hesitate to contact marking your email for the attention of Mrs McMullan.

A message from the Head Teacher – 11 August 2020

First day arrangements

S1 Pupils:             Wednesday 12th August

  • S1 pupils should assemble in the Tarfside playground at the beginning of the day. S3 guides will escort the pupils to class.
  • S1 pupils will be given access to the canteen and Tarfside playground at break and  lunchtimes
  • S1 pupils will not be allowed to leave the school at break and lunchtimes


S2 pupils:             Thursday 13th August

  • S2 pupils should assemble in the Tarfside playground at the beginning of the day
  • S2 pupils will not be allowed to leave the school at break time but, with permission from their parents, may wish to leave the school at lunchtimes.
  • S2 pupils will be given access to the café Lourdes and Tarfside playground at break and  lunchtimes


S3 pupils:             Wednesday 12th August

  • S3 pupils should assemble in the Quadrangle at the beginning of the day.
  • S3 pupils with permission from their parents may wish to leave the school at break and lunchtimes.
  • S3 pupils will be given access to the Tarfside at break and  lunchtimes


S4 Pupils              Thursday 13th August

  • S4 pupils should assemble in the Quadrangle at the beginning of the day.
  • S4 pupils with permission from their parents may wish to leave the school at break and lunchtimes.
  • S4 pupils will be given access to the front playground at break and  lunchtimes


S5/6 Pupils          Friday 14th August

  • S5/6 pupils should assemble in the front playground at the beginning of the day (Kirriemuir Drive)
  • S5/6 pupils may wish to leave the school at break and lunchtimes.
  • S5/6 pupils will be given access to the front playground at break and  lunchtimes


Movement in and around the school

We intend to operate a one-way system in the school and this will be fully explained to the children on their first day.


School Meals

Payment Method

Glasgow City Council is driven to reduce the exposure to cash handling in our establishments and during the academic session 2020/21, we will be introducing an online payment system in our schools for all purchases including trips, concert tickets, uniforms and school meals. However, as Glasgow has a substantial number of establishments, this will take some time to implement across the city.

In the short term and until we have had time to understand and fully implement the online payment system, the following system will operate in Lourdes Secondary:

  • Children in receipt of free school meals will receive their lunch from the canteen/café Lourdes as normal.
  • Pupils who would normally buy a lunch from the canteen/café Lourdes will be encouraged to bring a packed lunch into school until the new system is fully implemented.
  • S1 pupils will not be allowed out of school at break and lunchtime. Pupils should bring a packed lunch/snack to school with them.
  • S2/6 pupils who decide to go out at lunchtime should consider greatly increased waiting times in the local shops. Our lunch time will remain at 40 minutes. Period 6 will start at 1.45pm.


SQA Estimates

Given the First Ministers announcement earlier should you wish access to your estimate grade for session 2019-20, please contact the relevant Principal Teacher via email (details below).  Please DO NOT come into the school for this information, this will ensure yourself, returning pupils and staff are kept safe given the current situation.

Mr Peck,

Mr McLellan,

Mr McNaught,

Social Subjects,
Miss Irvine,

Modern Languages,
Ms Wilkes,

Mrs Delaney,

Mr Fagan,

Mrs Twaddle,

Mrs McMullan,

Performing Arts,
Mrs MacVicar,

Religious Education,
Mrs Killin,

We will keep you up-to-date with changes and developments.

Support for S5 Pupils

Parents or Carers of new S5 pupils who wish to be involved in the planning of bereavement support for S5 are invited to join us on Thursday 18th June at 10am in the school concert hall.

Our purpose will be to identify how best to support our S5 group over the summer holidays and in the longer term.  If you would like to contribute please come along and share in the planning and discussion. We will be advised by volunteers from the Samaritans Step by Step team as well as workers from Action for Children and the Police. Our school counsellors will also be on hand to offer guidance.

Due to social distancing requirements could you please email if you would like to attend.

Front Line Workers – 15 June 2020

If you are a Key Worker in vital services and plan to send your child to school during the week commencing Monday 15 June 2020, please complete the form, following the link attached below.  Please ensure this is completed by 5pm each Saturday in order to allow the following week’s programme to be devised. Support is available from 9.00am – 3.00pm and will now take place in Lourdes Secondary School. Please remember to indicate if you need support for the whole day, or for the morning or afternoon only.

Front Line Form – wk com 15 June 2020

Supporting Young People Experiencing Loss or Bereavement

Please continue to keep our pupils and their families in your prayers. We have attached some guides to help support your child through this difficult time.

Parental Support

Teenagers understanding of loss

If any pupil requires support please contact your child’s Pastoral Care Teacher.

S2 – Mr Kerr

S3 – Mrs Cassidy

S4 – Mr Blaney

S5 – Mrs Hughes

S6 – Miss Fitzpatrick