S1 Parents – A Message from the Head Teacher – 25 August 2020

Dear Parent,

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of all the staff and pupils in the school to welcome you and your child to Lourdes Secondary. We are looking forward to working with you and your son/daughter in the weeks and months ahead.

I am delighted to report to you that the new pupils in S1 have made an excellent start in Lourdes Secondary. I have been impressed with the children’s general attitude, behaviour and the high standard of uniform. We have a significant number of pupils wearing the blazer in S1 and, with your support, I would like to see all S1 pupils wearing the blazer. We have a small stock of blazers in the school at a reasonable price should you wish to purchase one. Please contact the school office for further information.


We are completely committed to ensuring that your child is happy, safe and working to their full potential and your support and engagement in the life and ethos of the school will be very much appreciated.

There are a number of key members of staff who are responsible for guiding and supporting your child through their S1 experience:

Mr Kerr is the Depute Head teacher responsible for your child.
Miss Campbell is the (Acting) Principal Teacher of Pastoral Care for S1 who will provide guidance and coordinate personal support for the pupils.(Mr Downes is currently supporting our S6 pupils)
Ms Cox is the Principal Teacher of Support for Learning who works with all subject staff to ensure that the pupils are being supported appropriately in their learning.
Mrs Dolan is the Principal Teacher of the ALN Provision who coordinates support for a specific group of S1 pupils
Mrs McBride is the Principal Teacher of Nurture who provides support and nurture to a specific group of pupils throughout the school

Miss Campbell is your first point of contact for all matters. Contact details are: gw17campbellsarahann@glow.ea.glasgow.sch.uk

If you have any questions or concerns relating to your child please do not hesitate to contact Miss Campbell who will liaise with the subject teachers and deal with any issues sensitively and promptly.

Break/Lunchtime arrangements 

We are currently operating a cash less payment system in the canteen see Letter issued 17 August 2020

For pupils who have not signed-up to the new on line payment system we would encourage them to continue to bring snacks and packed lunches into school.

Calendar of events and important dates

We are currently working on a calendar of dates for the issue of pupil tracking reports to parents. This information will be passed to parents in the next few weeks.

Best wishes to you and your families,


Gerry McGuigan