BGE S1 to S3

S1 Computing Science

Pupils will look at the composition of a computer system in terms of the Von Neumann diagram and how graphics (images) are stored by the computer.

Pupils will work on developing their Computational Thinking skills in breaking down problems into small, manageable chucks and these thinking processes will be tested during the Hour of Code and Bebras Computational Thinking Challenges.

Pupils will be introduced to Software Design & Development through a series of challenges aimed at further developing and putting into practice their Computational Thinking skills. They will design and create small computer programs using Microbits (mini-computers).

Pupils will be introduced to Web Design & Development and will design and create webpages using HTML code.

S2 Computing Science

Pupils will develop their design and creative skills through Animation. They will work, using a number of software packages, to create professional animations.

Pupils will continue to develop their understanding of how data is stored in a computer. In S2 Data Representation they will look at how numbers and text are stored in a computer.

Pupils will delve deeper into the internal structure of a computer, based on the Von Neumann diagram, and consider how the computer’s processor operates and how data is transferred around the computer.

Pupils will further develop the Web Design & Development skills by looking at how to use internal style sheets to give a consistent look to a website.

Pupils will use the Software Design & Development skills they developed in S1 to investigate how software is developed and will work on designing and developing small games using Scratch.

S3 Computing Science

Pupils will consolidate their learning from S1 and S2 Computer Science through

  • Data Representation – pupils will look at how a variety of data types are stored in a computer system
  • Animation – using a variety of software packages pupils will build on prior learning to plan and develop animations.
  • Database Design & Development – pupils will design, create and manipulate data stored in a database and consider the legal requirements to store personal data.
  • Environmental Issues – pupils will consider the environmental effect, good and bad, that the use of computers today is having on our environment and what can be done to reduce this.
  • Web Design & Development – pupils will investigate the best layouts for websites to meet the users’ needs. This will be incorporated into planning and creating websites as well as the use of external style sheets to improve the appearance of webpages.
  • SDD – Games Development – pupils will be involved a project involving the planning, design, implementation and testing as well as promotion of their own computer game. This is allow them to develop their team working and communication skills as well as their digital literacy while enhancing the design skills developed elsewhere in the course.