Senior School

Art and Design is offered at National 3 to Advanced Higher level.

National 3/4/5 Expressive Unit

Pupils will identify a theme and subject matter by conducting visual research and investigating different media to develop creative responses. Pupils will produce a final outcome in either 2D or 3D and reflect on the process which led them to this. They will identify and research various artists to inform and inspire their work. They will develop presentation skills.

National 3/4/5 Design Unit

Pupils will identify an area for design and create a design brief. Pupils will learn how to develop both form and function in their design ideas before using a range of media and making skills to realise their design solutions. Pupils will refer to the work of relevant designers to explore how they have dealt with form and function in their designs. They will develop presentation skills.

National 5 Art and Design may lead to Art and Design Higher and Photography Higher. ( )

Art and Design courses develop skills which contribute towards the growth field of the creative industries (such as film making, graphics, 3D computer art and animation, jewellery, crafts and fine art)

Photography NPA 4/5 and Higher Photography

The Photography course will encourage learners to be inspired and challenged by visually representing their thoughts and ideas through the medium of photography. Pupils will plan, develop and produce imaginative photographs and develop their appreciation of photographic work and practice. They will develop technical and creative skills in using photographic media, techniques and processes.

Photography courses develop skills which are useful in the creative industries, media and design.           ( )