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English Second Prelim Arrangements

Prior to any final decisions regarding level changes for pupils in S4/S5/S6, a second prelim has been arranged.  The prelim and the supported study sessions are for pupils who attained 45% or less in January’s exam.  (Supported Study for all pupils will be arranged in the lead up to the final exam in May)


National 5 Supported Study

Friday 12th Feb, G08 (Critical Essay)

Thursday 18th Feb, G02 (Scottish Text: MacCaig)

Thursday 18th Feb, G10 (Scottish Text: Duffy)

Friday 19th Feb G08 (Reading for U, A, E)


National 5 Prelim

N5 Critical Reading: Thursday 25th Feb, Periods 6 & 7

N5 Reading for U A E: Monday 29th Feb, Periods 1 & 2


Higher Supported Study

Thursday 18th Feb, G08 (Reading for U, A, E)

Wednesday 24th Feb, G06 (Scottish Text- Lochhead)

Thursday 25th Feb, G08 (Critical Essay)


Higher Prelim

Critical Reading: Friday 26th Feb, Periods 3 & 4

Reading for U A E: Friday 4th March, Periods 3 & 4