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Speech Making Week at Rothesay Primary

RPS Speech Making May 2016Last week all pupils at Rothesay Primary wrote speeches for their Challenge Homework. The pupils then had to deliver their speeches in class and answer any questions their classmates might have. Topics ranged from holidays, to hobbies, to family pets – Mrs Shaw even met a little black puppy in the corridor after having been a ‘live’ prop! Pupils learned the skills of note making, using prompt cards, ways to use props, how to involve your audience and how to listen and think of questions to ask if you were in the audience.
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Author visit in Mid-Argyll

Furnace and Minard author visitOn Thursday the 31st of March children from across Mid-Argyll in P4 and 5 enjoyed a workshop with children’s author, Emily Dodd.

Emily, whose books include, ‘The Mouse and the Grouse’ and ‘Can’t Dance Cameron’ worked with the children on how to write a good story. She used the two book characters, ‘Book Buddy’ and ‘Reading Rhino’ that the children in Mid-Argyll had voted on for our recent Reading is Fun competition.
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Helensburgh Rotary Club Competition winners

Kilcreggan PS Rotary Comp 1Kilcreggan Primary School are celebrating the wonderful achievement of two pupils this week. Sam Holt, Primary 5, and Agnes Borland Sinclair, Primary 7 both won gold medals in the Helensburgh Rotary Club Writing Competition. Sam won the junior section while Agnes was intermediate section winner. Both stories will now go forward to the National Rotary Club Schools Writing Competition.

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DGS Debates on Trident

DGS Trident debate picture2On Friday the 18th December, the pupils of Dunoon Grammar School took part in a whole school debate on ‘should the UK government renew Trident?’ This was the culmination of three weeks of preparation, research and speech writing for everyone involved.

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A letter from Professor Stephen Hawking to Caleb at Kirn

Kirn S Hawking letter to CalebOne of Kirn Primary’s P7 pupils, Caleb McLeod, received a very surprising letter sent by no less than Professor Stephen Hawking himself! Professor Hawking was replying to a letter Caleb wrote at the end of last session to Professor Hawking as part of a P6 letter writing project.

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Argyll Collection Writing Competition Winners 2015!

Jenny cast map 1CAST is happy to announce that the following budding writers have won prizes in the 2015 Argyll and Bute Writing Competition, supported by Scottish Book Trust. First prize is scooped by a pupil from Kilmodan Primary, and the battle for the remaining places was so close the judges decided that there would be 3 joint seconds. Charlotte Johnson from Rhu Primary, Jasmine Middleton from Port Ellen Primary and another pupil from Kilmodan Primary. Continue reading Argyll Collection Writing Competition Winners 2015!

Minard and Furnace perform ‘The McTivity’

Furnace and Minard McTivityThe children of Minard and Furnace Primaries performed their version of the Nativity on Wednesday the 16th to friends and families in a packed out Minard village hall.

The show was called ‘The McTivity’ as it tells the Christmas story in Scots. The children had been studying the Scottish language and enjoyed writing stories in Scots. Finding the ‘McTivity’ to perform was a good follow up drama activity.

Drumlemble & Carradale Primary Schools – 2015 Campbeltown Museum Exhibition

Drumlemble  & Carradale CM Primary School Exhibition 2015 2In late spring of this year, pupils from Drumlemble and Carradale Primary Schools took part in an innovative project created and delivered by the Kilmartin Museum education team. The main focus of the project, was the Campbeltown museum objects of the Iron Age/Early Historic period. The pupils enjoyed many days of input from the team and field archaeologist Roddy Regan as well as professional workshops with Lucinda Hopkinson, Sian MacQueen, Philip Price, Mandy Haggith and Jenny England.

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Achahoish LETTER FROM THE QUEEN 2The children at Achahoish P.S. wrote and drew about the very funny book, ‘The Queen’s Knickers.’ As the children had heard that Her Majesty the Queen is now our longest ever reining monarch, they thought she would like to receive their letters and drawings as a little gift to mark this special moment in history.


Robots in Skipness

Skipness Lego photo compressPupils at Skipness Primary School have been building and programming Legomindstorms robots as part of their Technology IDL. They held a workshop for parents and members of the community where they showed people how to build and programme the robots. They also shared talks and films they had made as well as Comic Strips featuring the robots. A fun afternoon was had by all!

FilmG 2015 – 2016

Gaelic dgsS1Fiolmadh3Bha sgoilearean AS2/AS3 agus AS1 a’ gabhail pairt anns an co-fharpais ‘FilmG’ an seachdainn seo. Rinn iad suas sgeul aca fhèin agus chaidh iad a-mach anns a’ choimhearsneachd airson fiolmadh a dhèanamh. Tha iad uile a’ coimhead air adhart ri gearradh an ath-sheachdainn le Cailean agus Caxy, oidean FilmG. Air 16mh den t-Samhain, bidh ar sgoilearan as sinne a’ fiolmadh an sgeul aca fhèin.
Cùm d’ shuil a-mach airson fiosrachadh mu bhotadh. Tha ar fiolmachadh bho an-uiridh agus 2013 air an làrach aig FilmG.
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Local History Display – Glenbranter Forestry Office July 2015

Sandbank Glenbranter office 1Taisbeanach – Ard na Blathaich
Chuir clas 6/7 o Bhunsgoil Thaigh a’Chladaich crioch air an topaic aca mun eachdraidh ionadail le taisbeanach san oifis Coiltearachd Gleann a’Bhrandaidh o chionn ghoirid.
Sandbank Primary’s GM6/7 ended their topic on local history by setting up an exhibition in the Glenbranter Visitor Centre and Forestry Offices.

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Roots of Empathy

Rosneath Roots of Empathy 1This session, 21 pupils from Primary 2/3 have been involved in an exciting new initiative called Roots of Empathy. Throughout the year there have been weekly visits from the instructor Jane McLean, School Nurse and every two weeks a visit from a mother and baby, Kathy and Hamish.
Roots of Empathy is an innovative program teaching pupils valuable lessons while fostering a more nurturing and caring environment in the classroom.
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Park Primary 7s Scoop Enterprise Award

Park PS Enterprise Award 1Last term, as part of a whole-school enterprise overarching theme, Primary 7s at Park decided to enter the Blythswood Challenge, for the second year running. This enterprise challenge gives a £20 starter fund and 4 weeks to make it grow. The class decided to organise fundraising activities and settled on a Cutest Pet Competition, a Parent/Child Netball Tournament, Lunchtime Challenges, a Sponsored ‘Stay Awake’ and they also sold items on eBay. In total, these activities raised a staggering £1067.15!
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Sky Academy Skills with Toward and Innellan Primary Schools.

Toward and Innellan Sky Academy 1Sky Academy Skills Studio
On Wednesday 22nd April 2015 Toward and Innellan Primary schools went to Sky Academy Skill Studio in Livingston to make a news report on Natural Disasters. We got to use green screens, professional cameras (worth £60,000) and wear costumes. There were four studios each working together to make a news report. There were eight roles in each studio – Producer, Director, Scriptwriter, Camera operator, Reporter, Eyewitness, Expert and Editor.
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