Achahoish LETTER FROM THE QUEEN 2The children at Achahoish P.S. wrote and drew about the very funny book, ‘The Queen’s Knickers.’ As the children had heard that Her Majesty the Queen is now our longest ever reining monarch, they thought she would like to receive their letters and drawings as a little gift to mark this special moment in history.

Achahoish LETTER FROM THE QUEEN 1Little did they expect that within a few days the Queen would write back!! There was great excitement in the school on Friday as an envelope with the Buckingham Palace postmark was opened and read aloud. Unfortunately, the Queen didn’t supply any sample knickers…but the children felt this was probably just as well!

The Queen said that she greatly appreciated the children’s thoughts at this historic time and that she was interested to hear about our school and the area in which the children live.

Thank you!

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