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Rugby Session at Minard, Furnace and Achahoish!

Minard, Furnace and Achahoish schools joined together at Furnace Primary school for a fabulous rugby session led by Allan Wright. The weather was wonderful, the children were amazing and the midges were nowhere to be seen. A great afternoon of sport and socialising for the three schools.

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Success for Tayvallich Primary School!

Tayvallich Primary won the Mid Argyll Inter-schools Quiz Final last week at Kilmory Council Chambers.
The final was against the Kilmartin/Achahoish Primary Schools Team and both teams battled for the shield bravely.
Thank you to Mrs Dickie from Lochgilphead Primary for organising the event which involved all Mid Argyll Schools.

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Achahoish Seed Science 1This term we have planted some very special seeds as part of our science space topic. We received two packs of rocket seeds from the Royal Horticultural Society, one of which has been taken up to space to the ISS by the British astronaut, Tim Peake. We have planted both packs of seeds and we want to find out what effect being in space has had on the seeds. As we don’t know which of our packs went to space we will have to record their growth pattern and send off the information to RHS.



Achahoish LETTER FROM THE QUEEN 2The children at Achahoish P.S. wrote and drew about the very funny book, ‘The Queen’s Knickers.’ As the children had heard that Her Majesty the Queen is now our longest ever reining monarch, they thought she would like to receive their letters and drawings as a little gift to mark this special moment in history.


The BarrowBand

Ardrishaig PS BarrowbandDid you know broccoli comes from Italy? Or that carrots came from Afghanistan? Primary 1-4 pupils in the Mid Argyll area learned these and many other interesting facts about fruit and vegetables thanks to The BarrowBand. The BarrowBand’s goal is to ‘inspire a new generation of people (especially children) to love, understand and demand fruit and vegetables as part of their diet and lives.

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Achahoish Primary visits Bank of Scotland

Pupils from Achahoish P.S. had a wonderful visit to the Bank of Scotland in Lochgilphead, on 6th November. They were given a well-planned and very informative tour round the Bank by Lynn and Claire. Both the adults and the children enjoyed the visit and we all learned about the role a Bank plays in keeping money safe.

The most popular area of the Bank was the Safe! Lynn and Claire were very patient and answered all the children’s questions!

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Achahoish Art Exhibition

This term our art project has been about Our Identity and what we have in Common. During this learning we took lots of photographs of our favourite things at school – in the class room and the playground – and at home. We took photos of our families, our toys, our pets and our bedrooms.

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Scrooge – Achahoish style!

We managed to write our own script based ‘loosely’ around ‘A Christmas Story’ by Charles Dickens. It was tricky to take what we watched in our DVD study of the film to create our own up-to-date version of it. We based our setting in the local estate of Ormsary where we performed our Pantomime to the community. Scrooge was a local ‘Dell Boy’ working on the Estate. He had had a string of unfortunate Christmas Eves and hated them.

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Our St Kilda Museum at Achahoish Primary

We transformed one of our classrooms into a Black house and opened a museum up for 3 days to our local community all about St Kilda. We found out just how hard life was for the St Kildans and how extreme the conditions were to survive on the Island which was evacuated in 1930. We had to take what we learned and present it in a way that would make our visitors to feel like they were actually on the Island and for it to be interactive.

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Achahoish Beach Clean

We spent two afternoons cleaning rubbish off the beaches along our coast with the help of our mums and dads. We were joined by Lochgilphead P6&7 on Thursday afternoon. We had our packed lunches on the beach and it was so hot we got to paddle. We gathered 19 bags of rubbish together and we all got along fantastically. We would love you to come back again soon. It was a great day thanks to the sunshine and good company.
Arasi – P4

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Achahoish Host Mid-Argyll Inter-School Sports Day

The sun shone, the sea breeze kept the midges away and we had the perfect day for inter-sports to take place. Ashfield, Glassary and Tayvallich came to our school to take part in a round-robin set of events and three flat races. Parents enjoyed tea and coffee and hot off the girdle pancakes served by our Parent Council. We all had great fun and thank you to Mrs Floyd and all the children, parents and family who came from other schools to our event.
Connor – P7

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Achahoish Jog Scotland

Well done Ben for taking part in the Inveraray Jail Break race on Sunday 12th May. He was the winner in the 6-9 Years Boy Category. We are very proud of him and thanks to Mrs Bosomworth for all the Jog Scotland training. Ben was very proud of his trophy this morning and can’t wait to spend his £5.00 voucher!

Mrs Bosomworth who works at the school and runs jog Scotland also came in 1st!

Window Boxes at Achahoish

We were given the task to create a window box each to decorate our school as part of our Playground project. We have to problem solve and use the correct measurements of the ledges. After a few hours of sawing, screwing and sweating we made sturdy boxes. We wanted to paint them to make them more attractive. Planting flowers in them was fun but we are hoping for a bit of sun now so we can water them – so far the rain clouds are doing it for us!


The children of Achahoish Primary and Skipness Primary joined the pupils in Clachan for their Go Green Day. We shared a morning of Geocaching and all had fun using the GPS receivers to locate buried treasure clues. After our lunch we shared four workshops together. We planted sunflower seeds in handmade newspaper pots, we created a human tree, we used fairtrade ingredients to bake Easter nests and we worked together to build a Go Green Scarecrow.