Achahoish Primary visits Bank of Scotland

Pupils from Achahoish P.S. had a wonderful visit to the Bank of Scotland in Lochgilphead, on 6th November. They were given a well-planned and very informative tour round the Bank by Lynn and Claire. Both the adults and the children enjoyed the visit and we all learned about the role a Bank plays in keeping money safe.

The most popular area of the Bank was the Safe! Lynn and Claire were very patient and answered all the children’s questions!

Thank you letters and pictures drawn by the younger pupils were delivered to the Bank. We were pleased to have the support of Mrs. MacLean, Bank Manager.

Our own Achahoish Bank is being effectively managed by Mr. Ben Davidson, with Senior Assistant Mr. Nithin Kasirajan and Assistants Mr. Jake Drynan and Mr. Ross Davidson. Pupils are putting their learning into practise and having great fun ‘earning’ money for their accounts!

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  1. Well done, i hope you are getting the bank manager to transfer the money to your school account.

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