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Kilmartin Primary School’s Amazing Artists

Kilmartin amazing artists 1Creativity is always a top priority at Kilmartin P.S. and this term, the children are very proud of the outcome of their portrait work, showing how rapidly their skills are developing. As part of their lessons, they have studied works by Picasso and have been learning to sketch with charcoal and how to use tone effectively. I’m sure the children would love to have your comments on their work.

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Kilnartin jogging 4The children in P5-7 at Kilmartin P.S. are beginning to enjoy the benefits of running a daily mile first thing every morning. The class heads out with their teacher and carry out a few warm-up stretches before heading along the Coach Road that runs from the school to the village.

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Blue Kangaroo Mid Argyll Transition Event

Mid Argyll Transiton 2015 2Mid Argyll schools and nurseries came together last week to celebrate their joint transition project , Blue Kangaroo with a very different parents’ night for P1 children. The project provided continuity and progress for children during their transition into P1. The learning started in nursery, with a wide variety of experiences, taking account of the children’s interests and involving parents and grandparents with one grandparent knitting a very special Blue Kangaroo.

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The BarrowBand

Ardrishaig PS BarrowbandDid you know broccoli comes from Italy? Or that carrots came from Afghanistan? Primary 1-4 pupils in the Mid Argyll area learned these and many other interesting facts about fruit and vegetables thanks to The BarrowBand. The BarrowBand’s goal is to ‘inspire a new generation of people (especially children) to love, understand and demand fruit and vegetables as part of their diet and lives.

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BBC 10 Pieces Take Over Day at Lochgilphead Primary School

Lochgilphead Ten Pieces 1A fantastic day was experienced by pupils and staff when members of the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and a BBC film crew took over Lochgilphead Primary School for the day! Pupils from Kilmartin Primary and Ardrishaig Primary also joined us for the day. A huge variety of activities took place with children participating in a whole school assembly, singing workshops, as well as musical and non-musical response workshops.

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Kilmartin P.S. Children Charity Success

Over recent weeks, the children at Kilmartin P.S. and Nursery have been working hard and having fun raising money for some very important charities. Porridge Day in the Woods raised £35 for Mary’s Meals, Wear Pink Day for Breast Cancer raised an amazing £86.69 and £65 was raised for the Earl Haig Poppy Appeal. Altogether that makes a grand total of £186.69 given to charities this term. Not bad at all for a ‘wee’ school! Thanks to all of the parents and members of our local community who gave so generously. Continue reading Kilmartin P.S. Children Charity Success

Porridge Day in the Woods @ Kilmartin

Friday 10th October is National Porridge Day and to celebrate this, the children cooked and ate their own porridge in the woods during Forest School.

They kept a close look-out for that rascal Goldilocks so she couldn’t creep up and eat all of their porridge while they weren’t looking so to help, the children all brought their favourite bears to act as lookouts!

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Club Golf at Kilmartin P.S.

All of the children in the school had the most wonderful time recently when they got the chance through Active Schools to learn some golfing skills. Over four weeks the children learned to putt and chip turning the school’s beautiful grounds into their own golf course! All of the wonderful golf equipment is now ours to keep and we plan to start a golf after school club in August. You never know – maybe some of our Kilmartin children will play in the Ryder Cup in the future.

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Kilmartin P7-4 Take the Bear Grylls Challenge!

To test how good our children’s survival skills are, the P7-4 children were set a task to organise an emergency camp, find dry tinder, for a fire and forage for some food. They received no help from adults and had to agree as a team who would be responsible for each task.They had to revisit what they had already learned to help them and give their best effort to achieve the outcome.

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Jamie Oliver Food Revolution!

The children at Kilmartin P.S. today took part in Jamie Oliver’s Global Food Revolution. As part of Forest Schools, the children are already very familiar with what they can gather and eat from their local environment and have previously made a wild salad with sorrel, wood sorrel, dandelion leaves, wild garlic, golden saxifrage, primrose flowers and beech sapling leaves. Jamie Oliver’s Global Action Day gave us another excuse to forage and make our own food; this time, nettle and wild garlic soup. Continue reading Jamie Oliver Food Revolution!

Numeracy Across the Curriculum @ Kilmartin

To help the children understand the importance of numeracy skills in the world outside of the classroom and to give the children an exciting context for their learning, all of the children at Kilmartin P.S. visited Portavadie Marina for lunch. The trip was wonderful, the food and service from the Portavadie staff was second to none but…the children had to do a considerable amount of work prior to the trip to earn this fabulous reward! They studied ferry timetables, investigated ticket prices, learned the difference between a single journey, a return ticket and a 6 ticket deal.

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Kilmartin Tie-Dye Enterprise Project

The children at Kilmartin P.S. showed off their new tie-dyed t-shirts at the recent Mid Argyll Music Festival. Who wants to perform in boring navy school sweatshirts when you can brighten everyone’s day with a touch of the Caribbean? As part of the Cloth Uncut project, the children have screen printed patterns after looking at a variety of fabrics from African countries, woven their own tartan with lace and ribbon to represent Cyprus and finally learned how to tie-dye after looking at Caribbean fabrics.

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Kilmartin celebrate Chinese New Year

This week, at Kilmartin P.S, we have been celebrating Chinese New Year. We watched some films showing how people celebrate this festival and Benjamin in P.2 told us that this is the year of the horse. We all researched our Chinese zodiac sign and discovered that we are mainly sheep, pigs or monkeys! Benjamin brought in his Chinese dragon from home and then gave out fortune cookies. This is a traditional way of giving good luck messages for the new year.

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Kilmartin P.S. Christmas Gifts for the Local Community

It was more like the ‘Great British Bake-Off’ in school the other day when everybody rolled their sleeves up to bake the most delicious cinnamon and raisin shortbread to give as a Christmas gift to senior citizens in our local community. The aroma wafted through the whole school. Altogether the children baked 168 pieces of shortbread before parceling them up in beautiful Christmas gift bags with handmade tags. Today, the shortbread will be delivered to the hotel where senior citizens will be gathering to have a Christmas lunch. Continue reading Kilmartin P.S. Christmas Gifts for the Local Community

Kilmartin Early Level Class Meet the Bookbug!

Everybody loves the Bookbug and the children in the early level class at Kilmartin P.S. had the opportunity to meet the fellow himself at a special event organised by Argyll & Bute Early Years Team. The children travelled to Lochgilphead Joint Campus in the yellow school minibus, an exciting event in itself, to take part in the singing and storytelling session.

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The children at Kilmartin Primary School took part in a Chanukah celebration to learn a little about the beliefs and customs of Jewish people. Rachel, Nettah and Lorenz’ mum, explained the significance of the candles on the menorah and then helped the children to each make their own menorah to take home. Rachel also baked delicious sufganiyot (sweet doughnuts) for the children to eat in the afternoon. The children decided to invite Rachel back to school for the Jewish festival of Passover as they enjoyed this experience so much.


HARVEST SALE @ Kilmartin

Thanks to the help and generosity from parents, children and teachers, our Harvest Sale on Friday 13th September raised £86. We will put this money to good use, buying new resources for outdoor education to continue with our good work in the garden and the woods.

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Kilmartin’s amazing coloured potatoes!!

It’s great to start the new school year with exciting news! Kilmartin Primary’s Early level class grew some amazing coloured potatoes in our garden and this summer the potatoes won 1st prize in their category at the Mid Argyll Agricultural Show.The potatoes are a dark purple all the way through. Later in September, the school will be holding a vegetable sale with all of our garden produce and, of course, we will be making some very tasty soup! Continue reading Kilmartin’s amazing coloured potatoes!!

Forest School Sausage Sizzle @ Kilmartin

The children in P.5-7 at Kilmartin Primary School finished off their Forest School activities for the year with a sausage sizzle in the woods around the campfire. The children also made damper bread on sticks and cooked them over the fire before dipping their tasty treat into cinnamon and sugar. The older children have had a wonderful environmental experience this session, learning about the native plants and trees throughout the seasons, building a den and making wooden toys as well as developing teamwork skills.

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Kilmartin Chicks Have Hatched!

Very exciting day at Kilmartin P.S. Here’s what Rowan in P.7 says:
Today, 29th May, our class were invited through to the nursery by Mrs MacCallum to have a look at the amazing newborn chicks. Fortunately, we managed to go through just in time as we were able to watch the fourth chick hatch. The eggs have been in the incubator for 21 days, meaning that they were put in on the 9th of May.

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