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Sumdog competition time again!

The next Argyll and Bute Sumdog competition begins on Friday 20th April and will run until Thursday 26th April. Last time over 2000 students across Argyll and Bute took part in the competition and answered an amazing 553, 351 questions correctly – can we beat this score? Clachan Primary took 1st place, P5-7 at Craignish Primary came 2nd with the P6 class at Dunoon Primary coming in 3rd. Who is up for the challenge of overtaking these worthy winners? Sign your class up today and make sure all of those log-ins are ready! Looking forward to seeing how well you are all doing and remember to tweet your successes using the hashtag #Sumdog and to share it here on SAL.  Good luck!

Argyll and Bute contest


Congratulations to Clachan – winners of the Argyll and Bute Sumdog competition!

Clachan Primary are excited to be winners of the Sumdog Contest which ran in Argyll and Bute from 16th to 22nd March.  Over 2000 students in Argyll and Bute took part in the contest, answering 553, 351 questions correctly!

All the pupils at Clachan Primary worked hard as a team to answer questions accurately over a week.

“We do Sumdog because it increases our flexible thinking in maths and to improve our learning,” said P6.

 “It makes us more confident when we do maths and makes it more fun,” said P4.

“Sumdog helps us improve our mental maths and we can answer questions accurately,” said P5.

Well done to everyone who took part.

Transition Tuesdays at Tarbert!

Primary 7s from Tarbert, Clachan and Gigha primaries have been making an early start on transition to secondary this year. Each term since August, pupils have spent a day together in Tarbert Academy, getting to know each other and secondary staff. Starting just before Easter, pupils have been spending every Tuesday at Tarbert, with weekly lessons with Mrs Connor in English, Mr Grace in Maths, Mrs Inglis in French and Mr Sandercock in PE.

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Clachan Primary Present; Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat

clachan-joseph-and-his-amazing-technicoloured-dreamcoat-1On Monday the 19th of December, Clachan Primary School presented a fabulous performance of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. The children all sang beautifully, certainly a show to remember! The well-known tunes by Andrew Lloyd Webber were enjoyed by everyone. It was lovely to see such a great turnout. The audience joined us for tea and our homemade mince pies after the show. Everyone went home singing their favourite tunes!

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Sock Puppet Shakespeare at Clachan Primary

clachan-shakespear-sock-puppetThis term Clachan Primary have been learning about William Shakespeare. We looked up the meaning of Shakespearian words, wrote our own sonnets, acted out scenes from Romeo and Juliet, then took ‘A Midsummer’s Night Dream’ and re wrote it using our own words.

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Tarbert Academy reaches Rio!

Tarbert PS Viewpoint AlexanderInspired by the Team GB ‘Get Set for Rio’ challenge, Primary 7/6 started regular running in September to try to cover the distance of 9450 km from Tarbert to Rio de Janeiro before the Olympic Games start there this summer.

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Science with Skipness, Clachan and Tarbert

Science with Skipness, Clachan and TarbertDay 1: In space base we looked at all the planets. We found out about what people thought the solar system looked like before telescopes. Then when telescopes were invented we were able to see the solar system like it is today.

In fizz bang boom we had to make a fizzy, cool, colourful chemical reaction. We also created a huge party popper which made a ball of fire (but only a quick one) and we made a very messy experiment which was basically a volcano.
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Clachan and Skipness are Ocean Explorers!

SAMSOn Tuesday the 23rd of February, the pupils of Clachan and Skipness Primary Schools had a fascinating visit to the Ocean Explorer Centre.

We have been learning about marine biology and RV technology in our recent IDL and during our personal learning time, so it was exciting to get a behind the scenes tour of the research at SAMs. Continue reading Clachan and Skipness are Ocean Explorers!

On the Road to Rio!

Tarbert PS Road to Rio 1Pupils in Primary 7/6 at Tarbert Academy have taken up the Team GB challenge of running the distance to Rio de Janeiro (9450 km from Tarbert) before the Olympic Games there next summer. Running three mornings a week, counting distances run in PE lessons and they are nearly 5% of the way there! After four weeks of running pupils have noticed a definite improvement in their fitness and are enjoying running as a great start to their day.

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Generation science meets Clachan and Skipness Primary Schools!

Clachan and Skipness Generation ScienceGeneration Science(an amazing science group)came to teach the interesting art of science!! First fuel hunters, the constructive pair of oil-mazing enginers as well as the robo-tastic Lego-mindstorms. The pupils had a range of tricky challenges having to use their brains and robots to complete them. The children were no doubt all loving the robot disco! All robots on the dance floor!!!Here are amazing comments from two of the pupils that took part:

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Beach Schools

Clachan and Skipness Primary School have recently taken part in a six week block of Beach Schools with the Grab Trust. They carried out a beach clean and had a treasure hunt. The children made mobiles using different types of shells which they learned to identify. They also listened to a brilliant story-teller and made pictures on the beach. They really enjoyed building shelters, making fires, having hot chocolate made in a kelly kettle and toasting marshmallows!

Clachan and Skipness Christmas Show

Clachan and Skipness pupils entertained audiences in both schools with their wonderful performance of Snowwhite. The children had written an alternative Christmas ending and Santa Claus even made an appearance. The show also featured instrumental pieces and Christmas carols. Thank you to everyone who came along!

Trip to Tesco

The children went on a trip to Tesco this week and this is some information about it.

The children of Clachan and Skipness Primary Schools have started their latest IDL of food and religion. They began with a WOW day which took them away from school. Tesco had invited them to spend the day in their Campbeltown shop. The children were very excited to discover that there was more the Tesco than they see when they go on their shopping trips with their parents.

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What a load of rubbish!

As a conclusion to their IDL (Inter disciplinary Learning) of Eco, the children of Clachan and Skipness Primary Schools put on a show stopping performance. As part of their learning the children had completed either a beach clean or a litter walk around their village.

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Skipness and Clachan Schools News

Wee Cup of Tea – Macmillan Coffee Afternoon

The children of Skipness Primary School had a wonderful time on Thursday 25th September. They spent the morning preparing delicious cupcakes with green icing which were to be sold in the afternoon to their many visitors. The school also received many delicious delights from the parents and residents of Skipness. Even though it was a drizzly day, this did not prevent people from joining the children for their “wee cup of tea”.

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The pupils of Clachan and Skipness Primary participated in the ‘Cloth Uncut’ project offered by CAST. Pupils from P1-P7 practised their block printing technique to create a unique cloth design based on traditional scottish images. Our photograph shows the proud artists with some of their designs, which include an irn bru can and some lovely tartan prints. All pupils loved the element of personalisation and choice which the workshop offered. Pupils and staff would like to thank Alison McAlpine for such an inspiring morning and to CAST for funding such an excellent learning opportunity.


The children of Achahoish Primary and Skipness Primary joined the pupils in Clachan for their Go Green Day. We shared a morning of Geocaching and all had fun using the GPS receivers to locate buried treasure clues. After our lunch we shared four workshops together. We planted sunflower seeds in handmade newspaper pots, we created a human tree, we used fairtrade ingredients to bake Easter nests and we worked together to build a Go Green Scarecrow.