Clachan and Skipness are Ocean Explorers!

SAMSOn Tuesday the 23rd of February, the pupils of Clachan and Skipness Primary Schools had a fascinating visit to the Ocean Explorer Centre.

We have been learning about marine biology and RV technology in our recent IDL and during our personal learning time, so it was exciting to get a behind the scenes tour of the research at SAMs.

Clachan and Skipness sams visitFirst, we were lucky enough to have a tour of the research vessel Calanus. Just like the real life Octonaughts!

Then we were allowed to go into the research lab and see the RVs and the gliders. They will be used underwater all round the world to bring back important data that will tell us more about the ocean.

After lunch, we had a workshop all about buoyancy and salinity.
It was interesting to work with real-life scientists!


Scottish Marine Institute
PA37 1QA

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