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Clachan 5th Green FlagClachan Primary School got our fifth Green Flag and we are very proud of it.

This is what we do; reduce, reuse, recycle. Grow our own fruit and vegetables, have our own bees and plenty more.

In our school we have healthy green banana plants and we make our own honey. We go on litter walks and collect rubbish. We go to the beach most Mondays and we did a block of beach school lessons, lighting fires, having marshmallows, building shelters and finding interesting facts about the sea and beach.

We are now working towards our sixth Green Flag.

Written by the children of Clachan Primary

3 thoughts on “Breaking news!

  1. Well done boys and girls! This is well deserved after all you hard work. I’m looking forward to seeing your flag.

  2. We are all proud of what the children do at Clachan School. Our most recent success has been the gardening club, which parents take part in too-we have all learned a lot from doing it and it has inspired some of us to do more gardening at home too!

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