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Sumdog competition time again!

The next Argyll and Bute Sumdog competition begins on Friday 20th April and will run until Thursday 26th April. Last time over 2000 students across Argyll and Bute took part in the competition and answered an amazing 553, 351 questions correctly – can we beat this score? Clachan Primary took 1st place, P5-7 at Craignish Primary came 2nd with the P6 class at Dunoon Primary coming in 3rd. Who is up for the challenge of overtaking these worthy winners? Sign your class up today and make sure all of those log-ins are ready! Looking forward to seeing how well you are all doing and remember to tweet your successes using the hashtag #Sumdog and to share it here on SAL.  Good luck!

Argyll and Bute contest


Craignish Primary launches new Enterprise Project!

Craignish Primary launches new Enterprise Project: Craignish Primary Plants.

After the successful building of our new poly tunnel (thanks to the help of parents and community members) we have now launched our new Business Craignish Primary Plants. The whole school have been involved in planting our crop for after the holidays.

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Craignish Primary clay dig

Originally inspired by African mud dolls sent to us by Olngarua School in Kenya, Miss Brown and the Primary 1-4 pupils from Craignish Primary have been involved in an exciting clay dig project this term. The aim of this project was to enable the children to make direct comparisons between our culture and those of children living in Africa. We had an amazing time on our ‘clay day’ where we got to dig local clay, listen to African stories inside a tipi, create woven willow balls and create patterned clay tiles by pressing natural materials into them.

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Craignish Primary School’s 2p Build Up Event

The children of Craignish Primary School have been working with the Craignish Church Restoration Action Group (CCRAG), and members of the community.  The main aims of this co-operative working are to:

Mid Argyll Orienteering 2012

On the 6th September 2012 the P4-P7s from Lochgilphead Primary took part in the orienteering event organised by Stramash.  The day was held in Kilmory Gardens and attended by many schools from across Mid Argyll.  The four different courses challenged all the children, the longest being 3.6km for the P7 girls and boys.

When you weren’t taking part in the orienteering, there was a natural art competition and a scavenger hunt.  The winners of the natural art competition were Tayvallich Primary.  The fabulous day impressed everyone and Stramash is thanked for the spectacular day and we hope that there will be more to come!

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