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Transition Tuesdays at Tarbert!

Primary 7s from Tarbert, Clachan and Gigha primaries have been making an early start on transition to secondary this year. Each term since August, pupils have spent a day together in Tarbert Academy, getting to know each other and secondary staff. Starting just before Easter, pupils have been spending every Tuesday at Tarbert, with weekly lessons with Mrs Connor in English, Mr Grace in Maths, Mrs Inglis in French and Mr Sandercock in PE.

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Tarbert Food Bank

tarbery-ac-food-bank-dec-2016This advent the children of Tarbert Academy have been encouraged to “think of others” by bringing food in for the Kintyre Food Bank. We did this because there are people around us who may not be able to afford a Christmas dinner.

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Tarbert Academy reaches Rio!

Tarbert PS Viewpoint AlexanderInspired by the Team GB ‘Get Set for Rio’ challenge, Primary 7/6 started regular running in September to try to cover the distance of 9450 km from Tarbert to Rio de Janeiro before the Olympic Games start there this summer.

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Tarbert Ac P6 ICYCLEP6 at Tarbert Academy have recently completed their I Cycle training. The children have been using the programme since March and each week have taken to their bikes and practiced many different road manoeuvres. On training days the children were instructed by I cycle trainers Tony Jones and Arlene Scott who were also joined by local police officer Alan Frame, who impressed on the children the importance of good cycle practice. After successfully completing the training the children were each gifted a bike lock from local councillor Anne Horn on behalf of the Kintyre Safety Forum.

Science with Skipness, Clachan and Tarbert

Science with Skipness, Clachan and TarbertDay 1: In space base we looked at all the planets. We found out about what people thought the solar system looked like before telescopes. Then when telescopes were invented we were able to see the solar system like it is today.

In fizz bang boom we had to make a fizzy, cool, colourful chemical reaction. We also created a huge party popper which made a ball of fire (but only a quick one) and we made a very messy experiment which was basically a volcano.
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Cast ‘Pilgrimage’

Tarbert CAST PilgrimageTarbert Academy Drama Club performed ‘The Pilgrimage’ by Pauk Goetzee at the Argyll Drama Festival last week! They were winners of the Youth Achievement Trophy, with the adjudicator, Kevin Boland, commenting on ‘the high standard of acting from a very talented team’. The Club is open to pupils from P7 upwards and this year’s cast ranged in age from P7 up to S5. Here they are just before going on stage!

On the Road to Rio!

Tarbert PS Road to Rio 1Pupils in Primary 7/6 at Tarbert Academy have taken up the Team GB challenge of running the distance to Rio de Janeiro (9450 km from Tarbert) before the Olympic Games there next summer. Running three mornings a week, counting distances run in PE lessons and they are nearly 5% of the way there! After four weeks of running pupils have noticed a definite improvement in their fitness and are enjoying running as a great start to their day.

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Generation science meets Clachan and Skipness Primary Schools!

Clachan and Skipness Generation ScienceGeneration Science(an amazing science group)came to teach the interesting art of science!! First fuel hunters, the constructive pair of oil-mazing enginers as well as the robo-tastic Lego-mindstorms. The pupils had a range of tricky challenges having to use their brains and robots to complete them. The children were no doubt all loving the robot disco! All robots on the dance floor!!!Here are amazing comments from two of the pupils that took part:

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: Tarbert Primary Celebrate World Book Day

World Book Day Celebrations!
Primary 1 / 2 went Over the Steamy Swamp and had lots of fun. We worked with our shoulder partners and made swamp stories then we made our animal masks. We invited the nursery children for a giant story telling session. They were a very good audience and we all had great fun!

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Tarbert Primary School – Banner for Commonwealth Games

P4/5 were showing their creativity on Friday, 21st February and having a good time into the bargain, when they had the chance to work with Alison McAlpine on designing and making a banner which may end up in the athletes’ village for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

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“Magic at Tarbert Academy”

Tarbert Academy nursery and P1/2 children have been working together on a “Fairyland” topic. This is being used as transition for the nursery children as they have been spending Wednesday mornings with their new teacher and her class.
They have all been very busy helping the dragon to build Fairyland. The dragon sent some magic beans which the children planted.  The beans grew and grew and the beanstalks are quite tall now.

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Tarbert Primary 7 Visit to Clydebank Museum and Art Gallery

Recently Primary 7 visited Clydebank Museum and Art Gallery as part of their WWII topic. It was a very enjoyable day when the class dressed up and had some hands-on experience with gas masks, gas rattles (very noisy), shells made in Clydebank (without the explosive content on this occasion), etc. The story of the Clydebank Blitz was very interesting and we visited the actual command centre at the time, a basement room in the library, where we made an electrical light circuit and passed morse messages to each other.

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