Tarbert Food Bank

tarbery-ac-food-bank-dec-2016This advent the children of Tarbert Academy have been encouraged to “think of others” by bringing food in for the Kintyre Food Bank. We did this because there are people around us who may not be able to afford a Christmas dinner.

In school we have been thinking about how ‘our community provides for local need’ and ‘understanding values such as caring, sharing, equality + love’
We borrowed a shopping trolley from the co-op for ‘our food bank’. We even had a box for gathering food for pets as well.
“Having it there feels good that you are helping others” (Daniel Blake)
“It made me feel happy to give something to someone I don’t know that might feel down because they don’t have a lot at Christmas” Guthrie Scott
“It was the first time I did this. I have never given anything to anybody except my family so it made me think about other people. Although there are not homeless people in Tarbert there are people who might not have a lot for reasons we don’t know about” James Walker

Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!!

Written by
James walker, Daniel Blake and Guthrie Scott
P6 Tarbert Academy.

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