Colgrain Senior Citizens Party

colgrain-senior-citizen-christmas-1On Wednesday 7th December the Primary 7 pupils at Colgrain Primary hosted a Christmas party for the senior citizens of Helensburgh. The pupils and staff organised Ceilidh dancing, Christmas presents and teas and coffees for their invited grandparents and other senior citizens in the community.

The ladies and gentlemen were then treated to highlights from the Primary 1 Nativity and Christmas songs from our pupils in the nursery. Our visitors enjoyed their afternoon thoroughly and were quick to compliment the behaviour and the responsibility of the pupils. Special congratulations to the pupils who announced and demonstrated the dances expertly.


At Colgrain, we are always grateful to our Parent Council who were a fantastic support; providing and serving teas and coffees at the party as well as helping us tidy up at the end.

Thank you to all staff involved in this fantastic event.

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  1. My Uncle Tommy thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas Party and he was delighted to win a raffle prize. It gave him a little boost before he went into hospital for an operation. Excellent Citizenship Colgrain pupils.

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