Transition Tuesdays at Tarbert!

Primary 7s from Tarbert, Clachan and Gigha primaries have been making an early start on transition to secondary this year. Each term since August, pupils have spent a day together in Tarbert Academy, getting to know each other and secondary staff. Starting just before Easter, pupils have been spending every Tuesday at Tarbert, with weekly lessons with Mrs Connor in English, Mr Grace in Maths, Mrs Inglis in French and Mr Sandercock in PE.

So far they also have met Ms James for an introduction to Drama and Social Education; Mr McLeod in Science, where they learned lab safety rules and how to use Bunsen burners; Ms Girdwood in the Art Department where they tried their hand at different drawing techniques and Mrs Ranger in Geography where they created 3D maps of Tarbert.

Tarbert pupils also have weekly lessons with Mrs Toner in the Music Department. Pupils are all really enthusiastic about the experience.

“It’s a good way to find out about new subjects and get a better idea of what secondary school will be like.”

“We’re getting to know all of our new teachers.”

As well as transition days, pupils are also benefiting from several other transition activities for P7s from Tarbert and the cluster schools – a week at Ardentinny before Easter; a hike from Tarbert to Skipness with an overnight stay in Skipness Hall, and a trip to the Glasgow Science Centre.

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