Science with Skipness, Clachan and Tarbert

Science with Skipness, Clachan and TarbertDay 1: In space base we looked at all the planets. We found out about what people thought the solar system looked like before telescopes. Then when telescopes were invented we were able to see the solar system like it is today.

In fizz bang boom we had to make a fizzy, cool, colourful chemical reaction. We also created a huge party popper which made a ball of fire (but only a quick one) and we made a very messy experiment which was basically a volcano.

Science with Skipness, Clachan and Tarbert 2Day 2: We went to Skipness and we programmed Legomindstorms robots. Lewis and I had got to challenge B2 and we were the first ones to do that. The very last thing we did was marvellous magnets we heard about the story of a boy, he became a scientist and saw and learned about the northern lights.

The northern lights are created by the Earth’s magnetic field and lightning bolts, the lightning bolts get trapped inside the magnetic field and that’s what makes it. Also we did some magnetic games.

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