‘World of Work’ Week at Dalintober PS and ELCC

Dalintober World of Work Week  SpringbankPupils at Dalintober & ELCC embarked on a journey of discovery through the world of work.

The week involved a range of visits to places of work in the local area and the school also welcomed a wide variety of visitors through its doors to work with classes.
ELCC had a visit from our School Crossing Patroller and the children loved taking turns to hold the lollipop.

P1 & P2/1 focussed on food and services. Linda McLean explained the Mull of Kintyre cheese story and Tracy Strang from Dellwood Hotel taught the children how to make beds properly. The COOP explained about the deliveries to the store.

Dr Toledo visited P2 and explained all the different jobs that you find in a hospital.

P3/2 focussed on jobs within our school and interviewed office staff and the Head Teacher.

Springbank Distillery was the destination for P3 and they thoroughly enjoyed their tour. They also had Carole Harrow who explained all about being a nurse and taught the children how to put on a bandage. A visit from CS Wind and the police rounded off their busy week.

P4 examined the skills needed to work in Tesco. They visited the store and applied for jobs.
Continuing with this theme P5 set up their own business to produce a smoothie that would be tasty and profitable. They compared their cost to similar smoothies available in Tesco. They had visits from parents discussing their jobs and the skills required to undertake their work.

P6 looked at owning and running a business locally. They visited Muneroy Tearooms to sample cakes and see how everything was organised. Local fisherman and Skipper Tommy Finn visited the class to discuss the fishing industry.

A more global theme was examined by P7 who looked at Volunteering. They had visits from Saltire Awards, Career Scotland and CGS4Gambia who recalled their recent experiences volunteering in Africa.
The culmination of all our work was displayed and performed at our final Show and Tell assembly, with special guest and former pupil Jamie McIvor BBC Scotland Education Correspondent.

Head Teacher Caroline Armour said,” We strive to provide our pupils with meaningful, relevant learning experiences and we have such a wealth of resources within our community that we were able to tap into to give our pupils a real understanding of the world of work and why we need to acquire a range of skills to assist us in our lifelong career paths. I am incredibly grateful to all the individuals and groups who gave their time to support our ‘World of Work’ week and I thank the staff and pupils of Dalintober PS and ELCC for their positive, enthusiastic responses to the week’s focus and events.”

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