Trip to Tesco

The children went on a trip to Tesco this week and this is some information about it.

The children of Clachan and Skipness Primary Schools have started their latest IDL of food and religion. They began with a WOW day which took them away from school. Tesco had invited them to spend the day in their Campbeltown shop. The children were very excited to discover that there was more the Tesco than they see when they go on their shopping trips with their parents.

They were led through the back and up the stairs, where they started the day in the Tesco meeting room. There they introduced themselves and met Laura and Kate who were their “Tesco Teachers” for the day.

Laura and Kate had planned a day of fun and educational activities for the children, which were all very varied. Initially the children explored the fresh produce aisles, discovering that the food came from a variety of different countries. They were especially interested in the fact that foods could come from more than one country. Laura and Kate explained about how the chillers and freezers in the shop had to be kept at certain temperatures and drew the children’s attention to the thermometers at the top of each of these.

One of the children’s favourite activities was discovering the chillers and freezers that are used to store the food that is not for sale. They were able to go in these and see just how cold the food has to be kept – pretty cold!!

The children were transformed into Tesco Bakers, where they had decorated their own hats to wear for this. They loved meeting Kelly and watching her make them some delicious pancakes.

Finally, the children became trainees, where they chose some produce from the shop and were able to sit at the checkout counter and scan these through.

The children had a lot of fun at Tesco and each of them were able to say many things that they had learnt on the trip that they didn’t know previously. Trips like this are vital to the children’s education, as it is important for them to experience what they are taught in a real life context.

Thank you to everyone at Tesco who made both the schools feel so welcome and to everyone who praised how well behaved the children were.

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