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Have you seen SALi?

SALi is the sister blog of SAL where our educators can share information, resources and ideas. We have created a new tab above with a link to SALi to make it even easier for our educators to find. The link in the right hand column will be removed soon. Go and have a look at the useful, interesting and up to date content. Please feel free to share any helpful content with your colleagues by following the same instructions for both blogs.

The Argyll & Bute Assessment Forum

The Argyll & Bute Assessment Forum has been set up this term to help drive forward the assessment agenda in Argyll & Bute. It has a cross-sectoral membership and schools throughout Argyll & Bute are represented. The aim of the forum is to draw together assessment guidance to assist all schools and to seek out and share good practice. To help the forum achieve this, a very short survey has been designed to give all teachers the opportunity to share their views and good practice on assessment.
Many teachers have already responded but the forum would like to hear from as many teachers as possible. Please click HERE to take part in the survey. It will only take you a few minutes.

Lochgilphead High School Pupil Planner

Lochgilphead High School pupils receive a ‘Pupil Planner’ each year. The planners are issued to all four Clans and each Clan has it’s very own ‘Cover Design’. This coming August is no exception and S1 pupils were challenged to come up with a ‘Cover design’ during their art classes. The winning designs have been chosen and will be seen on each planner soon. Pictured are the four winners…

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