A letter from Professor Stephen Hawking to Caleb at Kirn

Kirn S Hawking letter to CalebOne of Kirn Primary’s P7 pupils, Caleb McLeod, received a very surprising letter sent by no less than Professor Stephen Hawking himself! Professor Hawking was replying to a letter Caleb wrote at the end of last session to Professor Hawking as part of a P6 letter writing project.

The class had been asked by Ms McIlroy to write to their heroes. Caleb said “I wanted to write to Professor Hawking because he is one of the smartest people in the world and I would like to be a doctor or a scientist when I am older. I was really surprised that someone so important and busy would take the time to write to me – awesome!”

Enclosed in his letter Professor Hawking sent a signed photo, a fridge magnet with a quote by him and a copy of his latest book. As you can imagine here at Kirn we were all tremendously excited – well done Caleb!

3 thoughts on “A letter from Professor Stephen Hawking to Caleb at Kirn

  1. Caleb, you must be very proud of yourself. Professor Hawking has led an amazing life and he is truly inspirational. I’m sure he is delighted to be your Hero. Well Done from all at Rosneath Primary School.

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