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Carradale Primary – Golf Sessions

carradale-golf-sessionsThis is an article written by Catriona Newman, P7

The P4-7s from Carradale Primary School have recently attended a 4 week golf session run by Dr Abernethy and Mrs Margaret Campbell. They were split into two groups, the ones that hadn’t played golf before and the ones that head. They had great fun playing on the field, chipping and putting.

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Carradale Primary School Nordic Walking

IMG_9232Carradale Primary School were very excited on Tuesday afternoon, as they were able to don their new waterproofs, welly boots and took to the hills. However, they were not walking independently, they were using their brand new Nordic Walking poles. After a quick warm up including balancing, the children were off on their maiden walk. This was the first time that any of the children had been Nordic Walking, so initially many of them were unsure of it. Continue reading Carradale Primary School Nordic Walking

Drumlemble and Carradale Primary School news

Drumlemble and Carradale World Book day 1World book day was celebrated in style by the children and staff at Drumlemble and Carradale Primary Schools. Everyone rose to the occasion and came to school dressed as a book character. These ranged from Gangster Granny, to Katy Morag and even the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland.

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Drumlemble & Carradale Primary Schools – 2015 Campbeltown Museum Exhibition

Drumlemble  & Carradale CM Primary School Exhibition 2015 2In late spring of this year, pupils from Drumlemble and Carradale Primary Schools took part in an innovative project created and delivered by the Kilmartin Museum education team. The main focus of the project, was the Campbeltown museum objects of the Iron Age/Early Historic period. The pupils enjoyed many days of input from the team and field archaeologist Roddy Regan as well as professional workshops with Lucinda Hopkinson, Sian MacQueen, Philip Price, Mandy Haggith and Jenny England.

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Pupils from Drumlemble and Carradale Primary Schools spent a day walking part of the Kintyre Way. We were accompanied by Duncan Leckie and Sharon Baikie.

Pupils used their map reading skills and the waymarkers to plot their route and took photographs of interesting features of the landscape.
We would like to thank Anne, Duncan and Sharon from the Kintrye Way for supporting us and engaging us in our learning.

Disastrous Dining!

As part of our book study on ‘Billionaire Boy’ by David Walliams we had to organise, plan and help cook a themed lunch. We were making this lunch because in the book there is a character called Mrs Traffe. She is the school cook and makes horrid lunches like wasp soup, gerbils on toast, hair lasagne, brick cutlet, deep-fried cardboard and sweet cake.

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Kintyre Pupils & Scottish Opera……..COMING SOON!

In the midst of a city, in the midst of a war, an enduring friendship is formed between a young elephant named Sheila and her keeper. As the bombs begin to fall and the Head Zookeeper worries about the fate of the animals, the local children play and laugh and sing in the Belfast streets………..
The Elephant Angel is a heart-warming new opera for audiences of all ages by composer Gareth Williams and acclaimed novelist Bernard MacLaverty. Based on a true story, it tells the tale of a lady zoo keeper who takes a baby elephant home with her each night during the Belfast Blitz, looking after it and keeping it safe with the help of the children who live near by. Continue reading Kintyre Pupils & Scottish Opera……..COMING SOON!

Ahoy there me Hearties! Welcome to Pirate School!

Pupils at Carradale Primary had lots of fun taking part in ‘Talk like a pirate day’ …….

We took part in International talk like a pirate day because we are learning about pirates and the sea. We dressed up as pirates and came to pirate school for the day. For our topic we made a pirate ship.  Inside the pirate ship you can make a pirate hat.  You have to measure the persons head.  You can make a pattern with the necklace beads or write a letter to Captain Jack Sparrow.  Last week we went to the beach.  Cameron P2

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The Unsinkable Ship – Interdisciplinary Project

Captain’s Ball – Celebration of Learning

Over the last 8 weeks Carradale Primary School has received secret missions to do with the Unsinkable Ship, The Titanic. As a celebration of their learning, the pupils held a Captain’s Ball on Thursday 29th March for
parents and community members. The pupils performed ‘My favourite Things’ from the Sound of Music, ‘Breaking Free’ from High School Musical, ‘Castle on a Cloud’ from Les Mesirable with solos from P2 girls and our Pr4 sang ‘Where is Love?’ from Oliver. P4-7 played ‘Pavane’ on the recorders and finally P3-7 played ‘My Heart will Go on’ on the bells. Parents and community members then had the opportunity to look round all the work the pupils had completed to do with the Unsinkable ship, before enjoying the buffet. Continue reading The Unsinkable Ship – Interdisciplinary Project