Carradale Primary School Nordic Walking

IMG_9232Carradale Primary School were very excited on Tuesday afternoon, as they were able to don their new waterproofs, welly boots and took to the hills. However, they were not walking independently, they were using their brand new Nordic Walking poles. After a quick warm up including balancing, the children were off on their maiden walk. This was the first time that any of the children had been Nordic Walking, so initially many of them were unsure of it.

Zoe MacAlister Hall, Primary 2 said “It is fun, we did exercise. I like it”. Aurora Treco, Primary 7 reported “The best bit was when we learned how to use the poles”.
The children have already recognised that Nordic Walking is a great way to get exercise as well as to socialise with their friends. Catriona Newman coming up with a slogan “Don’t stay inside, get out Nordic Walking. It will be fun and get you talking.” It is hoped that rain, shine or snow that the children will build Nordic Walking into their weekly P.E lessons.




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