Kintyre Pupils & Scottish Opera……..COMING SOON!

In the midst of a city, in the midst of a war, an enduring friendship is formed between a young elephant named Sheila and her keeper. As the bombs begin to fall and the Head Zookeeper worries about the fate of the animals, the local children play and laugh and sing in the Belfast streets………..
The Elephant Angel is a heart-warming new opera for audiences of all ages by composer Gareth Williams and acclaimed novelist Bernard MacLaverty. Based on a true story, it tells the tale of a lady zoo keeper who takes a baby elephant home with her each night during the Belfast Blitz, looking after it and keeping it safe with the help of the children who live near by.

Performed by singers and musicians from Scottish Opera, the performance also involves around 60 Kintyre primary school children. Some have worked with Scottish Opera experts to market and run the performances and the others will form a chorus who will create their own unique elements of the show especially for the local community.

Campbeltown Grammar School
Tuesday 6th November 2012, 7pm
Tickets at the door
Adults: £5
Concessions: £3
All school pupils: Free

Artwork by Dhyllon Cox, P7

4 thoughts on “Kintyre Pupils & Scottish Opera……..COMING SOON!

  1. I loved all the posters that we made for Elephant Angel and the masks it was and amazing show it was really good 😀 …

  2. We were acting in it and it was fun but it made us all nervous

    It was Gr8 fun!!!!!!!!!!

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