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BMT day at Glenbarr Primary School

On Friday 17th March, Rhunahaorine and Gigha pupils joined pupils at Glenbarr Primary School for a day of BMT (Better Movers and Thinkers). They were joined by Rona Young who led the day. In the morning P1-3 pupils got the chance to have some Active Start together while the p4-7 took part in some BMT activities in the classroom. They tried a variety of activities – Body Lift, Body Parts, Finger Taps, Clap Patterns and Fours on the Spot.

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Nature Play at Rhino Camp

Rhunahaorine Nature Play 1Children in the Early Level at Rhunahaorine have been exploring the local woodland and burn at our new base, which we have decided to call Rhino Camp. We have been enjoying extended imaginative play sessions, developing language skills, cooperation and negotiation and motor skills. We have been learning to manage risk and challenge.

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Fair-trade Big Breakfast at Rhunahaorine

Rhunahaorine Big Breakfast 1Children at Rhunahaorine celebrated Fair Trade Fortnight with a Big Breakfast on Friday 4th March.
Parents, pupils and staff enjoyed wearing our onesies and tucking in to hot chocolate, fruit and cereals to raise awareness of the plight of the farmers who produce our breakfasts. We learned that millions of farmers in developing countries work hard to grow the food we eat yet many don’t even get enough to eat. We are trying to help them by making sure that our healthy breakfasts are also Fair Trade.
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Prickly Hay at Rhunahaorine!

Rhunahaorine Prickly Hay 1Children from Rhunahaorine primary and pre 5 unit presented a performance of Prickly Hay to friends, family and the wider community last Monday. Everyone was delighted by their enthusiastic singing and energetic dancing!

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Life’s a Beach at Rhunahaorine

Rhunahaorine Life's a Beach 2Children at Rhunahaorine have taken to the beach this term. With the help of funding from the GRAB trust we set up our Crocodile Camp where we learned how to make a campfire safely and cook damper bread and marshmallows. We learned how to tie knots which helped us to set up our seating area and make shelters.We learned about some of the creatures that live on the shore and played the limpet game to help us remember how they survive.

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Pizza Perfection at Rhunahaorine

Runahaorine PS Pizza 1Children at Rhunahaorine have been exploring ways of creating healthy, tasty pizzas using fresh ingredients. We have been developing our skills for learning, life and work.
First we learned about basic food hygiene.
Next we baked and tasted several different pizza base recipes and judged them on the criteria of cost, healthiness, appearance and taste.

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Rhunahaorine Christmas Concert

Rhunahaorine primary and pre-5 Unit performed ” A Midwife Crisis” in Tayinloan Hall on the 18th December.
Thank you to all who came along to support us and to the parent council for all their help and lovely baking!
We raised £200 for school fund.

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An Early Christmas Present

Our p7 pupil, Colin, was delighted when a parcel arrived for him at school.
As part of his personal challenge work Colin has been researching ferries in the UK.
He recently wrote a letter to Caledonian Macbrayne asking for information on how to become a ferry skipper. He was very surprised to receive a package of goodies and a very detailed letter explaining the career path and even sharing some trade secrets!
We would all like to say a very big thank you to Cal Mac for this lovely early Christmas present.

Art in the Outdoor Environment at Rhunahaorine

Children in Rhunahaorine Pre 5 Unit were interested to see the daffodils blooming in the garden. This could only mean…Spring had arrived! They wondered about all the flowers that grow in Spring and looked closely at some daffodils and other flowers. Then they decided to paint some daffodil pictures- outdoors of course!

Now all the daffodils have gone we are learning more about summer flowers growing around us and how the bees help the plants to grow fruit.

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Mud, Glorious Mud!

Early Level children and staff at Rhunahaorine have embraced the wet weather this spring and created a marvellous mud kitchen.
Children have been making mud cakes, pies and ice cream… exploring volume, capacity, texture and much more in a multi sensory way.
When they have finished they have to do the washing up of course- outside!

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A Little Bird Told Rhunahaorine…..

A Little Bird Told Rhunahaorine…..

Thank you very much to everyone who supported our Christmas Concert, “A Little Bird Told Me “on Tuesday 17th December.

The children really rose to the occasion and sang like little birds! We raised £177 for School Fund.

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Rhunahaorine Rockets

Children at Rhunahaorine primary school took part in a Stargazing Live event organised by West Kintyre Stargazers. The first week of term was extremely busy as we learned all about the constellations we can see from Kintyre, imagined what it would be like to travel in space and created rockets using the tubes from fizzy vitamin C tablets. We had a test launch on Friday 11th January and parents and children took part in the open event at the Putechan hotel on Sunday 13th. Everyone enjoyed themselves and learned a lot about what there is to see if you just look up! Continue reading Rhunahaorine Rockets

The Hoity Toity Angel meets The Gruffalo’s Child

Well done to all our star performers who took part in the Christmas Concert on Monday 17th December in Rhunahaorine Primary.
Children performed The Hoity Toity Angel and The Gruffalo’s Child and entertained their audience with bells, clarinet and trumpet.
The fantastic sum of £250 was raised for school fund. Thank you to everyone who helped and supported the school yet again with a super turnout.

Kintyre Pupils & Scottish Opera……..COMING SOON!

In the midst of a city, in the midst of a war, an enduring friendship is formed between a young elephant named Sheila and her keeper. As the bombs begin to fall and the Head Zookeeper worries about the fate of the animals, the local children play and laugh and sing in the Belfast streets………..
The Elephant Angel is a heart-warming new opera for audiences of all ages by composer Gareth Williams and acclaimed novelist Bernard MacLaverty. Based on a true story, it tells the tale of a lady zoo keeper who takes a baby elephant home with her each night during the Belfast Blitz, looking after it and keeping it safe with the help of the children who live near by. Continue reading Kintyre Pupils & Scottish Opera……..COMING SOON!

Rhunahaorine Garden Gang

Rhunahaorine School and Pre 5 Unit had a busy day on Thursday 30th of August.
Parents, friends, children and staff at the school and pre 5 unit all mucked in to help tidy up the playground after the summer holidays. Baskets and tubs were weeded and planted, the compost was turned and our goalposts were painted. Volunteers even trimmed the jaggy bushes at the front entrance to the school!

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Forest Schools at Rhunahaorine Primary

Forest Schools is a great activity where we learn about interesting things to do in the forest .We get to do things like learn new knots,make shelters and make fires in addition we also help to look after the environment by doing things like making shelter for the various kinds of creatures that live in the forest. – by Kirk p7

P1-7 go to forest schools in Largie and will be going for the next 7 weeks. We do games,dens,climbing trees, showing us knots and  finally we make hot chocolate  in the storm kettle. – by Finlay p6 Continue reading Forest Schools at Rhunahaorine Primary