Park Primary 7s Scoop Enterprise Award

Park PS Enterprise Award 1Last term, as part of a whole-school enterprise overarching theme, Primary 7s at Park decided to enter the Blythswood Challenge, for the second year running. This enterprise challenge gives a £20 starter fund and 4 weeks to make it grow. The class decided to organise fundraising activities and settled on a Cutest Pet Competition, a Parent/Child Netball Tournament, Lunchtime Challenges, a Sponsored ‘Stay Awake’ and they also sold items on eBay. In total, these activities raised a staggering £1067.15!

Park PS Enterprise Award 2After submitting a detailed report to Blythswood Care about our enterprise journey, we were lucky enough to be invited to the final in Edinburgh where 4 of us had to give a 10 minute presentation on how we conducted the Blythswood Challenge. We learnt our presentation completely off by heart and our hard work was recognised by the panel of judges as they presented us with the award for Best Presentation!

We are absolutely thrilled with our award as we worked extremely hard for it, and it was a combined class effort that got us to the final. This award now sits alongside the award we received last year for Greatest Community Involvement. The money we raised, along with many other schools, will now go towards funding after school projects in Romania which encourage children to stay in school.

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