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Roald Dahl day Celebrations at Kilcreggan Primary School

20160913_091448_resizedP4/5 successfully organised a super Roald Dahl Day Celebration for all the pupils. This year Roald Dahl day was very special as we are celebrating 100 years since the birth of this amazing author. P4/5 took on the task of organising the whole day. The class worked in teams- publicity team (proof read posters and put them up around school, photographed the day, will write up the day for publicity), finance team (collected money from classes, deposited it with Mrs Evans), administration team(made class lists, created tickets, named and delivered tickets) and the events team (co-ordinated the day). Continue reading Roald Dahl day Celebrations at Kilcreggan Primary School

Solar Ovens for use on the Moon!

Kilcreggan Solar 1 OvensPrimary 5/4 pupils at Kilcreggan Primary have been creating Solar Ovens from everyday materials. Pupils had been looking at how technology has developed over the past 90 years and thinking about designing some technology for the future. Their discussions led them to think about how people might cook in the future.

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Primary 2/3 iPad puppet shows

Kilcreggan p2-3 puppets b I June 2016P2/3 had a fabulous afternoon videoing their puppet shows this week and then watching all of the masterpieces. The show was the culmination of weeks of work; creating a character and a storyboard. Making the puppet and scenery then writing the play. They rehearsed their plays using the ‘Puppet Pals’ app on the school’s new iPad after which they were ready to use their puppets and be videoed. Well done P2/3 for all your hard work. What Successful Learners you have been this week Mrs McGuire.

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Kilcreggan Heartstart1 June 2016Kilcreggan Primary P6 and p7 pupils recently received “Heartstart “ training. This training gives pupils guidance about what to do if they find someone suffering a cardiac arrest attack. They learned about
• how to correctly put someone into the recovery position and assess their condition
• what to in an emergency situation,
• how to recall the procedures using the “DRS ABC” acronym.
They used the “Little Annie” dummies to learn how to perform CPR.


Creative Days at Kilcreggan Primary School

Creative day at Kilcreggan 3The children, staff and parents of Kilcreggan Primary School had a great end to the Spring term trying out new skills. Using our skills as Confident individuals, we took creative risks! We were organised, managed our emotions and challenged ourselves to ‘Go for it, Finish it!’ Activities that were on offer included crochet, origami, cake decorating, K’nex challenge, yoga, fimo modelling, using ipads to create games, creative music and decoupage. The children worked in vertical groupings working and supporting each other.

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Helensburgh Rotary Club Competition winners

Kilcreggan PS Rotary Comp 1Kilcreggan Primary School are celebrating the wonderful achievement of two pupils this week. Sam Holt, Primary 5, and Agnes Borland Sinclair, Primary 7 both won gold medals in the Helensburgh Rotary Club Writing Competition. Sam won the junior section while Agnes was intermediate section winner. Both stories will now go forward to the National Rotary Club Schools Writing Competition.

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The Button Box

Kilcreggan Concert 2Pupils at Kilcreggan Primary recently entertained Parents and friends with a production of “The Button Box”. This fun musical is based around a story about two children staying with their grandparents who become bored on a rainy day. They knock Grandma’s button box over spilling an array of buttons onto the floor. They ask Grandma to tell them where all the buttons came from and the story behind each button is revealed in a song.

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John Muir award success at Kilcreggan Primary School

Kilcreggan John Muir certificatesTen pupils from Kilcreggan primary recently achieved John Muir Discovery awards in recognition of their awareness and responsibility for wild places work. The pupils were all part of an after school club which met weekly last session and undertook various activities in and around the school grounds relating to discovering, exploring, conserving and sharing wild places.

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Respectme at Kilcreggan Primary School!

Kilcreggan gym 1Children at Kilcreggan Primary School have been working hard to respect each other. The Eco-committee presented a respectful assembly to encourage everyone to treat others as they like to be treated. They reminded us to say and do polite things and tell someone about our worries! They read ‘The Big Bag of Worries’, reminded everyone about the ‘Buddy Stop’ and encouraged everyone to try and earn a ‘Respectme’ badge.

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Bookbug Bags at Kilcreggan

P7/6 pupils at Kilcreggan Primary school shared the Book bug bags and stories with P1 pupils before pupils took their bags home to share with parents. P7/6 pupils showed great leadership skills when they read the stories to their buddies and guided them through discussion about each book . They also helped P1 pupils to complete some of the activities in their workbooks. P1 pupils showed excellent listening and talking skills during the sessions which have taken place over the past three weeks in preparation for Bookbug week. P1 pupils will now vote for their favourite book from the bag and submit their votes online. Continue reading Bookbug Bags at Kilcreggan


Yesterday saw our Primary 7/6 class working very hard with Shona Freeman from One Day Creative on a drama based on the Commonwealth Games. Pupils spent the morning learning their parts for a story about a young boy whose talents lay in sporting activities. Billy was training to take part in the Junior Commonwealth Games and couldn’t believe what he was seeing when his teacher introduced him to an athelete who would help him train. Mr Bruce was an elderly gentleman of 60+ but he was still able to bring out the best in Billy, who after intense training went on to win his race. Continue reading GAME ON DRAMA -COMMONWEALTH GAMES


For the last six weeks pupils from P5-P7 have been taking drumming lessons from Roddy, a member of the CAST team and today saw the final performance. Pupils and parents were invited to attend and we had a packed audience. Everyone had such a great time. There was clapping, cheering and even dancing in aisles. Our band has now been invited to join the Sea Change Festival Parade on Saturday 21st June, so if you want a fun day out go along and join in (details in local press).



As you may know, the famous Hampden Park is being used to host the Field/Athletics events at this year’s Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. There is major refurbishment going on outside at the moment with the deadline for completion growing ever near!!



Pupils in P1-P7 at Kilcreggan Primary School recently entertained parents and friends with their wonderful production of The Big Green Adventure. The musical show had an eco message. Scenes and songs gave messages about recycling, being transport aware, switching off unneeded electrical appliances and caring for our environment. All classes participated in the song and action part of the show with P5-7 pupils taking on the speaking parts. Pupils amazed their audiences at both performances with their great acting. Continue reading THE BIG GREEN ADVENTURE

‘Cloth Uncut’ visits Kilcreggan Primary

“Cloth Uncut” recently visited Kilcreggan Primary. “Cloth Uncut” is a primary school visual arts programme. Pupils were challenged to create a piece of cloth which represented Scotland’s welcome to the Commonwealth Games. Pupils at Kilcreggan Primary enjoyed working in vertical (mixed age) groups with artist, Lee Hendrick, to create their pieces of cloth. Pupils produced several pieces of woven material using a variety of materials inspired by our Commonwealth twinned nations, Swaziland and Cyprus. Continue reading ‘Cloth Uncut’ visits Kilcreggan Primary

Kilcreggan Pupil Wins Jackie Baillie Christmas Card Competition

Primary 7/6 pupils in Jackie Baillie’s constituency were invited to design a Christmas card again this year and we at Kilcreggan Primary are very proud to announce that one of our pupil’s, Rachel Harper (P6), drew the winning design.

Congratulations Rachel!

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